Newbury Park Track Club and Cross Country

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August 15, 2018; 12:00 PM - I got the final price quote from our vendor for uniforms given our quantities. Normally we are $25 per top and per shorts ($50 total for full uniform). Unfortunately the price went up a bit this year and I now have to charge $28 per item. Sorry about the increase, but at least it's only $3 per. Comets shirts will be $10 each. I will start collecting payments for uniforms and Comets shirts next week. You will be able to pay in cash or by check (made out to NPTC).


August 10, 2018; 11:13 AM - New updated schedule uploaded to website. Updates include pool run locations.


August 9, 2018; 10:21 AM - I have been sending out important e-mails regarding uniform orders and Comets shirts (worn during our Invitational meets). If you have not been receiving them, contact me ASAP! I have to turn orders in soon and if you do have a uniform/Comets shirt, your athlete will not be eligible to participate in races. I can only send e-mails to those I have on file (what you entered during registration), so please let me know if there are other/alternative e-mails to use for you.


July 30, 2018; 12:35 PM - A few reminders. Tonight is an optional, informal, unofficial get together. It will mostly be an orientation and light workout and give the kids a chance to meet/get to know each other. Even though it’s unofficial, you still need to turn in a completed waiver form (download online). Tomorrow is an optional fun run at La Reina. Check link in previous announcement for details. These are really fun and a good chance to see the La Reina course (which we run twice this year). I will not be there as I’m out of town, but my son will be there running. I will be out of town from July 31-Aug 5 and unable to respond to e-mails, so Coach Don will be taking over Thursday and Saturday’s practice.

July 23, 2018; 2:00 PM - Reminder that the parent meeting is this Wednesday night at DVCC. I have also modified the practice schedule. Instead of an informal get together on Tuesday, July 31, I will instead point you in the direction of a fun run hosted at La Reina middle/high school. You can access the flyer for the event by clicking here. These are very fun and it will give the kids a chance to see the La Reina course, which we run twice this year (first and last meet).


July 18, 2018; 8:22 AM - Just a reminder that our parent meeting is at 6:30 PM on Wednesday, July 25, at Dos Vientos Community Center (DVCC). See website for map of location (or click here).