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For boy’s lacrosse:

US Lacrosse Equipment Fitting Guide

  • Stick

  • Lacrosse Helmet (Football or NOCSAE approved Hockey helmet not acceptable)

  • Attached mouth guard

  • Lacrosse Shoulder Pads

  • Arm Pads

  • Gloves ( Hockey gloves do not flex properly for lacrosse )

  • Athletic supporter with protective cup (required for games)

  • Rib pads are strongly recommended!

  • Rubber Sole cleats for outdoor play (soccer cleats are fine)

Quality of each item varies, like in any sport, and as your player's skills grow, your son's desire for higher quality items will likely emerge. We get a 5-25% team discount (depending on items) at SportStop.com, so please contact dunlaplax@gmail.com to ask how to access this. Items listed in the Team Store already reflect this discount.