youth wrestling after school program

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*All practice times and locations will be on the master calendar.  All times & locations are subject to change and we follow the LPCS weather procedures (they shut down, we have to cancel practices).


Ranger Wrestling 2017-18 Practice Schedule

Wrestlers will be divided up into 4 practice groups: (Dependent on the numbers)

     Delta Force: Grades K-3rd/4th Beginners (Based on: Grade, Weight, Experience, Skill Level)  

     Green Berets: Grades 4/5th-8th Beginners (Based on: Grade, Weight, Experience, Skill Level)

     Ranger Gold: Grades K-3rd/4th Advanced (Based on Grade, Weight, Experience, Commitment, Skill level)

     Ranger Black: Grades 4/5th-8th Advanced (Based on Grade, Weight, Experience, Commitment, Skill level)

These groups are subject to change due to the numbers of members,skill level of the individual, & finding an approperiate drill partner.  Wrestlers could flucuate in groups: Wrestlers could move to Advance or move to Beginner practices (Coach/Parent decesion).   



Practice Locations: LCHS=Loudoun County High School, CAFE= Loudoun County HS Caferteria, RHS=Riverside High School, THS=Tuscarora High School,  JCHS=John Champe High School, HHS=Heritage High School

  Mon Tue Wed Thurs Fri Sat
5:30-6:30pm Delta Force Ranger Gold Delta Force Ranger Gold Off 12:00-2:00
Location: CAFE CAFE CAFE CAFE                                 Ranger Gold/Black
6:30/7-8:00pm Ranger Black Green Berets Ranger Black/Gold Green Berets Off THS/LCHS/RHS
*Arrive 15 min early.  LCHS practices are from 6:30-8:00pm & other locations are from 7:00-8/8:30pm
All practice locations and times will be placed on the master calendar.  Most of the time this is what the schedule will look like, however things happen and can change.  Emails will be sent out, but also check the master schedule to ensure you have the right location.