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Ranger Wrestling Club (Youth Programs)

     The Ranger Wrestling Club goals is to promote, develop, and provide quality opportunities for youth wrestling in the Leesburg and the surround areas.  It is our mission to make wrestling fun and safe for all wrestlers, but instill core values: Responsibility, Integrity, Dedication, Respect, Honesty, Accountability, & Respect.  We foster this through practices, competition, and Ranger events. 


     The Ranger Wrestling Club is apart of 2 different leagues: MDWL Mason Dixon Wrestling League & CAWL Capital Area Wrestling League and competes at Top of the podium events.  When registering, your son or daughter has the opportunity to wrestling in both leagues and TOP Events.  Rangers also go to "Open tournaments".  Confused yet!....No worries!!  If you are brand new to wrestling there is no pressure to compete at all or if you do, I suggest signing up for MDWL & TOP events. 

What is the difference between the Leagues and events?

The MDWL is for beginning wrestlers up to experienced wrestlers (for all experiences).  Wrestlers will be paired up against someone of equal weight and experience.  The 8-9 events will be on Sundays around the VA, WV, & MD area and will receive 2 matches.  In order to compete at the end of the year tournament, each wrestler must attend 4 events.  End of the year event groups all experiences together in the age/weight bracket. 


The CAWL is for Advance/Good wrestlers looking to go to the next level.  The Rangers have combine with other local clubs to fill this team.  It is competitive league, but not out of reach.  It's in a Dual (Team) format and wrestlers will receive 3-5 matches per day. There will be 4-5 events on Sundays/Saturdays around the VA, WV, & MD area.  Wrestlers needs to participate in 4 events to qualify for the season ending championship tournament. 


The TOP events are local Dual (Team) format events in the Loudoun County area against local clubs.  These events are for beginners and novice wrestlers alike.  TOP offers other individual events as well, but you'll need to sign-up through TOP's Website. 

All events will be communicated to parents, along with whom should go/can, times, locations, and where to sign-up. 


** Helpful Links to find wrestling gear, camps/clinics, learn more about wrestling and parenting a wrestler, etc.** Also found under the "home tab"



Q1. What do I get for registering with the Rangers and their youth program? 

A1. When registering, wrestlers will receive their uniform (Compression shirt & shorts), the ability to participate in all 3 leagues, attend 2-4 practices a week (Nov-Mar), Team Photo, end of the year banquet, and USA Wrestling Membership (Insurance). 


Q2.  What should my wrestler wear to practice?

A2.  Wrestlers are required to wear wrestling shoes on the mat.  Absolutely no street shoes are allowed on the wrestling mats.  Shirts should be long enough to be tucked into the wrestlers shorts/sweatpants.  Shorts or sweatpants should not have pockets.  Headgear should be worn when drilling/wrestling live.  Knee pads are optional.  These items can be found at the local sporting goods stores or online (Useful Links tab or here). 


Q3.  Why do I need to register my wrestler for each event?

A3.  Wrestlers are not obligated to participate in all scheduled events.  We ask that the parents identify in which events they want their wrestler to participate by registering for the selected events.  This helps us keep the coordination around each event very streamlined.


Q4.  How do I register for the RWC events?

A4.  Simply fill out the Registration form.  Once you have registered your information, it will be sent to the appropriate facility where your wrestlers matches will be coordinated with the competing team(s).  Registration links for MDWL events can be found here or under our schedule tab.  Registration for TOP's Dulles Duals events will be found here or under our schedule tab.  Registration for CAWL events can be found here.  (working on these hyperlinks)