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Big River Lacrosse is looking for 50 local community college students -with the desire, work ethic and some talent- to reach out to DII and DIII college recruiters over the next six or seven months. 
Big River Lacrosse students must be enrolled in a Community College that does not offer either an NCAA sanctioned men’s lacrosse or a school sponsored men’s lacrosse club. 

Big River Lacrosse objective? Get qualified post-H.S. student-athletes successfully recruited into the “right” college fit. 
Program helps student-recruits:

  • improve their lacrosse
    while they improve their academics
    earn transferrable SUNY credits 
    saving tens of thousands of dollars for the 1st yr's of college
    preserve  NCAA eligibility until recruited

Big River Lacrosse provides student programs and expertise to improve student academic admissions profile: 

  • Time management instruction/modules (included)
    Academic advising for transferring to a four-year school (included)
    List of tutoring services (contracted and paid by student)
    College level coaches who are professional educators first

Big River Lacrosse is led by college-qualified coaches, academic advisory and recruiting experts to prepare you to find the right fit.   

For additional information please go to the Big River Lacrosse web site