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AAA Baseball  Ages 8-11 

Players at this level consist of: (1) 8 year olds who try out for the Minor League and are drafted onto a Minor league team and (2) 9 through 11 year olds that either choose not to play in the Major League or try out for the Major League and are not drafted onto a Major League team. Any 8 year old wishing to try out must have played one year of Double A. Triple A is an instructional, yet competitive program where coaches are encouraged to rotate players through various positions and prepare players to move to the Major League. Controlled games are played using primarily Major League rules, although there are exceptions including limitations on stealing and runs per inning to move the game along and to begin to develop an understanding of baseball strategy.  This league stresses the teaching of baseball fundamentals and sportsmanship, as well as the overall development and refinement of proper baseball skills and techniques.  Players will be assigned/drafted to teams in a manner that provides for balanced, competitive teams.