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Majors Baseball  - Ages 9 -12

The Major League is a competitive program that focuses on developing a more advanced understanding of baseball strategy as well as refinement of skills.  Players between the Little League ages of 9 through 12 years old can try out for the Major League.  Any 9 year old wishing to try out for baseball must have played one year of Competitive Minors. According to Little League International, there is a minimum allowable playing time rule - 6 consecutive defensive outs and one at bat per game.

Player's knowledge and experience will grow with the regular game schedule, post season playoffs, and an extensive practice schedule.  Players are selected for Majors through a try out process.  All 11 & 12 year olds will play in Majors unless their family asks otherwise. Players previously selected for a Major league team do not need to tryout.

Practices: Usually 2 per week beginning late March

Games:  approximately 16 total regular season games, usually 2 per week from April to early June.

Players registered in Majors may register in 50/70 as well.