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Farm(Coach Pitch) Softball  Age 6-7

The Farm Coach Pitch leauge is new for 2018 and will be between Tee Ball and Softball Minors.  The goal of this leauge is to allow the players to hit off live coach pitching and to learn the basic rules of softball (scoring, fielding outs, balls and strikes).  The program will further develop the fundamentals of softball, provide an encouraging environment, and leave the kids with a positive, memorable experience.

Note that CLL may make modifications to the age brackets between Tee Ball, Farm and Minors based on number of girls registered for each leauge and individual skills.

Your child will participate in a structured program teaching the fundamentals of hitting, throwing, base running and fielding through practices as well as controlled games to promote the development of their skills.  It is expected that Farm League sessions will be scheduled 2-3 times a week beginning in April and ending in early June. 

Ages 6-7 (please refer to the little league age chart on the CLL website)