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  i.  The official Domain Name for the Yorktown Athletic Club is


    ii.       On a contractual basis, the Hudson Valley Board will select it's vendor of choice to be the Host Service Provider for the Hudson Valley web-site. 


   iii.        The HUDSON VALLEY  takes user privacy seriously. The HUDSON VALLEY  Privacy and Terms of Use Policy for its web-site can be found on the Home Page under Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. By willingly using the Hudson Valley web-site, each HUDSON VALLEY  Member user has agreed to an Implied Use Agreement. All active HUDSON VALLEY  Members are expected to abide by all HUDSON VALLEY  policies and procedures at all times.


   iv.        Any HUDSON VALLEY  Member user who is found to be in violation of the HUDSON VALLEY  Privacy and Terms of Use Policy, is subject to disciplinary action by the HUDSON VALLEY  through the Code of Conduct Disciplinary Process.  Any HUDSON VALLEY Member user or other non-member user who is found to be in violation of any/all applicable local, state or federal law laws, may also be subject to investigation and criminal prosecution as determined by the law. 


    v.        The guiding principal of the HUDSON VALLEY is that any/all contact information is and should remain private, and that our users shall be free of unsolicited emails.


   vi.        Only registered HUDSON VALLEY Representatives (Board Members or their designee) can determine which information is to be displayed on the HUDSON VALLEY  web-site and which users they choose to exchange information with. A non-authorized user will not be able to display or modify any information on our web-site without obtaining permission to do so from the registered HUDSON VALLEY Board member. 


 vii.        Any/all applicable HUDSON VALLEY data that is entered or stored through the Hudson Valley web-site, will be stored in a secure database environment that is monitored and controlled by the HUDSON VALLEY   and the contracted Host Service Provider.


viii.        Through the Implied web-site Use Agreement, all Registered HUDSON VALLEY  Representatives and all HUDSON VALLEY  Member users are hereby notified that they are not permitted to act as a source of unsolicited e-mail (or Spam email) for their own personal use. The HUDSON VALLEY  (through its Registered Representatives) will however use the Hudson Valley Sports web-site and member email address’s to facilitate any/all communication processes, as they may pertain to any/all HUDSON VALLEY  sanctioned activities. 


    ix.        At any time, a HUDSON VALLEY  Member can request that a HUDSON VALLEY  Registered Representative edit or delete their e-mail contact information.