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  • We will be wearing the scrum caps – NO QUESTION – at training and at the game
  • I do not want to see the singlets at practice
    • this is rugby not a fashion show on who has bigger muscles
    •  you may wear them to weight/fitness training only
  • We will learn deep breathing and mental visualization
  • You cannot win rugby games
    • With individuals
    • Without the ball
  • We are a TEAM
  • We are a TEAM that looks after and out for our teammates and is respectful both on and off the field
  • We do not get down on any teammate AT ALL
  • No one is perfect
    • No one is the best player I have ever seen
  • The only people who are to talk with the referee are the captains during the game
    • I expect every player to thank the ref after the game
  • The referee will make mistakes – GET USE TO IT
  • Everyone will support both TEAMs on game day, 1st XV will fully support and watch the 2nd XV/Freshman and vice versa
  • We do not fight at all
    • If during a game someone hits you, WALK AWAY
    • If anyone gets involved or retaliates what so over – I WILL TAKE YOU OUT OF THE GAME AND YOU WILL ALSO BE GIVEN A 1 WEEK SUSPENSION FROM TRAINING AND GAME
  • Rugby is a simple game!! You need to be fit and have some kind of ability, but anyone can be coached to play the game, and play it well, you need all shapes and sizes to create a TEAM
  • We are a TEAM, and everyone who wants to play deserves to play and should be encouraged to do so
  • We represent Staples Rugby at all time, we also represent the game of Rugby at all times
  • Family, education and rugby (in that order)