Our Mission: Promote the growth of the game of lacrosse throughout Massachusetts by providing leadership, guidance, training and structure.

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Hello Coach,


Listed below are the requirements to coach at BYL. We will put up the list of in-person clinics as soon as they are available.  HGR in North Andover, St. Johns Prep and maybe the Cannons Clinic at Endicott College should have various levels of coaching clinics. 

First timers must take a in person Level 1 clinic along with the online training below.

Every two years a coach must an in-person clinic Level 1, 1.5, 2, 3, etc. but they don’t have to repeat the online training. 


Save all receipts because all fees will be reimbursed by BYL.  Send receipts to the BYL President. 


1. Register as a coach on www.mbyll.org

·        Cost is $50 which covers MBYLL Coaching insurance, online resources, game administration, and coaching education materials

2. For 1st time Certification Candidates: Complete three (one-time) online courses:

o   USL's online course: Men’s Level 1 (good-for-life)

o   USL's online course "How to Make Proper Contact" (good-for-life)

o   Positive Coaching Alliance's online course: "Double-Goal Coach" (good-for-life)

o   NOTE: During Coach registration, 1st time Certification Candidates will be required to indicate a need for the online courses and a USL Coaching Membership will be provided

3. Attend an MBYLL Clinic

o   You must register at www.mbyll.org and complete all pre-requisites up to 36 hours in advance

o   $50 clinic participation fee (due during registration) up to 36 hours in advance

o   $75 clinic participation fee if registering less than 36 hours prior to clinic

o   You have multiple options:

o  MBYLL Introductory Clinic

o  MBYLL Prepatory Clinic

o  MBYLL Advanced Clinic (for renewing coaches only)

o  Cannons Symposium (for renewing coaches only)

o   Every MBYLL region is expected to have at least one Introductory / Preparatory Clinic and one Advanced clinic

o   Clinics run from early May to early April and will be available for selection on www.mbyll.org  

o   http://mbyll.org/Page.asp?n=34773&org=mbyll.org


Listed Below are out 2019 certified coaches.  Everyone else needs to get certified.

Bachman, Keith        

Beal, Jason      

Hanchett, William      

Harrington, Jeremy     

Hoffman, Matt           

Kelley, Stephen          

Sallese, Jonpaul          

Silva, Jeffrey  

Skuse, Nathan         

Smith, Kevin