Evanston Youth Hockey Association (EYHA) is a premier hockey program in northern Illinois offering all levels of youth hockey from Mites through High School levels.


Evanston Hockey Little Kits

Little Kits is geared primarily toward kids who are 3-5 years old. Our Little Kits have one combined practice/game per week, held on the weekend at Robert Crown Center in Evanston, 1701 Main Street. The practice/game typically lasts one hour or less. Little Kits is administered by the Evanston Jr. Wildkits.


  • Beginner hockey skating with and without stick
  • Introductory puck movement, limited passing/shooting
  • 2-3 drills per session
  • Fun, non-hockey related games
  • Slower pace intended for younger children who are interested in hockey
  • Develops basic hockey skill 
  • Taught by certified Evanston travel coaches, 5:1 Ratio 
  • Full equipment required
  • Skaters must have prior skating experience
  • Email Christine Perkins at jrwildkitshockey@gmail.com with any questions