LGS Pop Warner Youth Football

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LGS Pop Warner Football & Cheer


The objective of LGS Pop Warner football is to teach each participant the fundamentals of football and to provide an opportunity to play football and compete at the highest level in an organized, adult-supervised, safety-oriented setting. We encourage good sportsmanship, fair play and a love of the game.


Any child living within the communities of Los Gatos, Saratoga, Cupertino and Willow Glen wishing to play football is eligible to participate without signoff from their local association. Children are divided into teams based on the following age/weight breakdowns:


  Tackle Football Divisions of Play:  
Age/Weight Division Age(s) Certification Weight Range
No older/lighter
35-75 lbs
No older/lighter
45-100 lbs
No older/lighter
60-115 lbs
60-95 lbs
75-130 lbs
75-110 lbs
90-155 lbs
90-135 lbs
105-180 lbs
105-160 lbs

* Age as of July 31st
** Players allowed to gain 1 lb. every 2 weeks after start of the season


Pop Warner is the only national youth sport program that requires participants to maintain minimum scholastic standards. LGS stresses that playing football is secondary to each child's schooling. If at any time it is brought to the attention of the LGS Board that a child is failing in school due to their participation in football, the Board will meet with that child and their parent(s) to discuss the matter. If necessary, the Board will suspend the participant until his/her grades improve. In the same spirit, any child that maintains high scholastic achievement during the football season will be eligible for a scholastic award.


All candidates for a team must be certified. Certification includes the verification of the participant's age, weight & academic performance. Certification is conducted by Peninsula Pop Warner each year, usually close to Labor Day.  

Games are typically held on Sundays, and occasionally on Saturdays. 


The season begins August 1st. The regular season runs through the end of October. The season will continue through the end of November if a team qualifies for post-season playoffs, and potentially through mid-December if the team plays at the National championship level.

During the month of August, practices are held 4 days a week. Each practice is 2.5 hours. During the months of September and October, the practice schedule is reduced to 3 days per week, apx. 2 hours each practice.

If a team qualifies for post season playoff games, practices will continue throughout the month of November as long as the team continues to win and advance.

The National championship games are held in Orlando, Florida during the month of December. If any team advances to the championship level, participants should plan for continued practice sessions into December, and travel to Orlando, Florida during the second week of December.

The specific practice schedule will be determined based on facility available and team placement. Generally, participants have been able to manage participating in school activities held on an after school basis simultaneous with Pop Warner, but it is difficult to make commitments to other activities during the Pop Warner season.


Attendance is required at all practice sessions and games. Because of the conditioning required to play football safely, candidates should not miss practice. Players missing practice for legitimate reasons (sickness or injury) should contact the team coach. Coaches reserve the right to limit the game playing time of participants not attending practice sessions and/or scheduled games. Practice beings August 1st, and families should NOT plan vacations during the month of August.


The registration fee is $295 per player for Midget, Jr Midget, Pee Wee & Jr Pee Wee players, and $275 for Mite Mites &Tiny Mites. There is a $20 early-bird registration discount for registrations completed before March 31, and a $50 discount for families with more than one participating child. The registration fee covers practice and game uniforms (helmet, pads, mouthpieces, practice jersey and pants, and game day jerseys and pants) most of which must be returned at the end of the season. The fee also covers practice field and facilities rental, game day expenses for referees, insurance, scholastic registration, first aid supplies, administrative costs and miscellaneous supplies.

LGS requires an equipment deposit of $150. The deposit is due no later than your team's equipment handout day which will occur during the last week in July. The deposit is accepted in the form of a check. LGS will hold your deposit for the duration of the season. Your check will be returned to you at the end of the season at equipment turn in.

Players are required to purchase cleats. Some players purchase special pads (vests, special chin-straps, arm pads); special equipment is not provided by LGS and is not required to participate.

Players on teams qualifying for regional competitions or national championship games will incur additional travel costs. Fundraising assistance will be provided to help offset the cost of travel.