The Tradition Grows Here

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The Hudson Valley Chapter of US Lacrosse has annually inducted individuals based on outstanding lacrosse achievement and/or contribution since 1994. The mission of the Lacrosse Hall of Fame is to honor men and women, past and present, which by their deeds as players, coaches, officials and/or contributors, and through the example of their lives, personify the sport of lacrosse in the in the honorable Hudson Valley tradition.


To serve this mission, the Chapter appoints a Chairman of the Hall of Fame Selection Committee.  The primary role of the Chairman is to compile nominations and select a committee comprising of at least three current Hall of Fame members as well as the Chapter President.  The sitting Hall of Fame members shall not serve for more than three consecutive years, however, they may serve again after a 1 year leave.  Ideally the composition of the committee members who are current Hall of Fame members will change by 33% annually. The Selection Committee will aggressively pursue nominations of potential candidates and then will evaluate all nominees and candidates on file. 


On or around June 15th of each year the Chairman will convene the Hall of Fame committee to review and vote on the current and past/open nominations.  A simple majority vote of the committee is required for induction to the Hall of Fame.


Requirements to Be Elected


Candidates may be nominated and elected in one of the following categories:


A ‘phenom’*

A truly great player

A truly great coach

A truly great official/umpire

A truly great contributor**


In order to be nominated to the Hudson Valley Lacrosse Hall of Fame, a Nominee Questionnaire must be submitted by, or on behalf of, a candidate. Candidates must be of outstanding character, and at least eight (8) years must have passed beyond the actual or projected date of the college/university graduation of a candidate in order to be eligible for consideration. However, college attendance is not a prerequisite for consideration.


* If a player is nominated as a “phenom”, they will be considered for immediate election into the Hall of Fame. To be considered a phenom, player must have been a three-time, First Team All American.


** The contributor category is to honor individuals who have demonstrated long, dedicated and exceptional service and contributions to the game. It is also used to recognize contributions made in more than one capacity (any combination of player, official/umpire and coach) and it may also be used to recognize individuals that previously would have been included in the "Old Timer" category.