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Middle School Schoolgirls Lacrosse Association (MSLax)

updated 10/04/14

Article I Name
Section 1.01 The name of the organization shall be the Minnesota Schoolgirls Lacrosse Association (MSLax).

Article II Goals of MSLax
Section 2.01 The goals of MSLax are to:

  1. promote development and appreciation of girls lacrosse in the state of Minnesota;
  2. encourage the growth of youth level girls lacrosse in Minnesota;
  3. organize and administer safe and fair school level competition; and
  4. develop sportsmanship and goodwill among participating players and teams.

Article III Membership
Section 3.01 Minnesota schoolgirl teams are eligible for membership.
Section 3.02 Membership to the MSLax must be in writing and filed with the board officer as designated in the MSLax website.
Section 3.03 Voting membership includes the Executive Committee, and one representative of each registered MSLax team in Good Standing.
Section 3.04 All member teams must have amateur standing
Section 3.05  Non-community based teams formed with the intention of being travel or “elite” teams are not eligible for play in the MSLax league

Article IV Executive Committee
Section 4.01 The officers of MSLax shall be designated as the Executive Committee
Section 4.02 The officers shall consist of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Past President.
Section 4.03 All coaches and interested adults are eligible for office and must become members of US Lacrosse if elected.
Section 4.04 Officers shall be elected by the voting membership at the final meeting each spring or the first meeting each fall or by a special meeting called by the President with 14 days notice.
Section 4.05 Terms shall be two years, and begin immediately after election and to expire on the date of the replacement election approximately two years hence. President and Secretary shall be elected in the odd years, Treasurer and Vice President shall be elected in even years. The past president shall serve one year after expiration of his/her term in an ex officio capacity. Officers are permitted to serve consecutive terms.
Section 4.06 The voting membership may remove an Executive Committee member by a majority vote if such Executive Committee member is declared of unsound mind or by an order of the court or convicted of a felony.
Section 4.07 The voting membership may remove an Executive Committee member, either with or without cause, by a 2/3 vote.
Section 4.08 Any vacancy on the committee because of death, resignation, removal in any manner, disqualification, or any other cause, will be filled by appointment of the President, if the vacant position has less than 1 year remaining in their term, or by voting membership election if the vacant position has more than one year remaining. If a vote is not possible or expedient, the position may be filled by a vote of 2/3 of the remaining committee members.
Section 4.9 Additional board members may be appointed by a majority vote of the directors, to serve board positions for two year terms. If more then one member is appointed, a minimum of at least two regions shall be represented. 
Section 4.10 The Executive Committee shall appoint members in good standing to serve on committees to carry out the duties of the MSLax.

Article V Duties of the Executive Committee
Section 5.01 The Executive Committee will have the following responsibilities:

  1. The President shall plan and schedule all MSLax meetings. The President shall preside at all meetings and be responsible for the successful operation of MSLax in accordance with the Bylaws and Operating Policies. The President is responsible for the successful execution of the Spring and Summer League (to include game scheduling, etc.), and the annual Tournament held each spring and summer. The President is responsible for updating the Association’s Bylaws and Operating Policies as needed. The President shall ensure that new teams receive assistance from MSLax. 
  2. The Vice President shall assume the duties of the President, in the absence of the President. The Vice President will be responsible for any marketing or promotions on behalf of the MSLax. The Vice President shall perform such other duties as may be assigned by the President.
  3. The Secretaryshall keep and distribute minutes of all meetings. Other duties shall include handling all MSLax mailings, coordinating the nomination and voting of awards and elections, and collecting and disseminating important information as needed. The Secretary shall perform all duties incident to the office of Secretary, and such other duties as may be assigned by the President.
  4. The Treasurershall have charge of MSLax business and financial affairs, and shall present current statements as needed at board meetings and shall present the annual budget and operating statement to the membership during the coaches meetings. The Treasurer is responsible for MSLax fund raising, and marketing and product inventories. The Treasurer shall perform all duties incident to the office of Treasurer, and such other duties as may be assigned by the President.

Article VI Meetings
Section 6.01 Executive Committee meetings may be called as necessary by the President upon 14 days notice. The Executive Committee meeting may be open to the membership, at the President’s discretion.
Section 6.02 An annual meeting of the membership will be held each year prior to the start of the Spring Season, in conjunction with the coaches meetings if possible, and only team representatives present will be allowed to vote; thirty days advance notice of the meeting is required.
Section 6.03 Coaches will be required to attend a mandatory coaches meeting prior to the start of the Spring and/or Summer Season. Failure of a team to send a coach or another adult as proxy could cause the team to lose voting rights or be excluded in respective season or at the annual tournament, at the discretion of 2/3 of the Executive Committee.  
Section 6.04 Additional Coaches Meetings or Special Meetings of the membership may be called by the Executive Committee with fourteen days advance notice.

Article VII MSLax Conduct
Section 7.01 Players, coaches, and spectators are expected to adhere to the code of conduct as presented in the US Lacrosse guidelines.
Section 7.02 There will be a one game suspension (the next game, in addition to the current game) for coaches/players given red/purple cards from an experienced umpire. Additional sanctions may be imposed by schools, teams and club guidelines.
Section 7.03 The presiding official umpire will report all red/purple cards to MSLax President immediately after the game. In the absence of official umpires, the home coach must report red cards in the same manner. Either coach should report serious instances of poor sportsmanship and unsafe behavior. Each coach should be aware that officials can and should give red/purple cards to coaches for unsportsmanlike behavior by coaches OR by team fans.
Section 7.04 If the red/purple carded coach/player plays in the games in question, the offending team will forfeit the game.
Section 7:05 If a team plays down any players (defined as playing girls who are above the specified grades or players who ordinarily play on an older teams), the team will forfeit every game that season, up to, and including, the current game. The offending team must re-submit a roster prior to playing its next MSLax game.
Section 7.06 If necessary, a Grievance Committee shall be formed and shall include the Executive Committee and two head coaches from teams in good standing, excluding anyone involved in the grievance. The Grievance Committee shall take action in the best interest of MSLax.
Section 7.07 If excessive misconduct occurs, any member team may be temporarily or permanently dismissed from MSLax membership by unanimous vote of the Grievance Committee after being given a fair hearing.

Article VIII Changes to Bylaws

Bylaws may be amended by the following procedures:

  1. At a mandatory coaches meeting/ board meeting by a majority of the votes received. All members will receive the proposed changes, or have the opportunity to download proposed changes, at least 14 days in advance of the vote. Votes will be counted if received by the secretary before the meeting.
  2. By write-in ballot and one vote per association. The proposed amendment must be available to the membership at least 14 days in advance of the return date.

Middle School Schoolgirls Lacrosse Association (MSLax)
Operating Policies
Updated 03/11/10

Article I MSLax Dues and Registration Fees
Section 1.01 Annual dues and registration fees for full team membership must be paid to the Treasurer by the designated date for the spring and summer season in order to participate. Checks should be made payable to “MSLax”.
Section 1.02 A late fee may be assessed if payment is received after the designated date.
Section 1.03 Annual dues and registration fees will be used to cover the following:

  1. Mailing, website & phone expenses
  2. Subsidize education, MLA events, playoffs, and tournaments
  3. Coach and umpire clinics
  4. Insurance
  5. Marketing and promotions
  6. Membership to related organizations and associations
  7. Travel expenses for MSLax business
  8. Other items as approved by the Executive Committee

Section 1.04  Annual dues, registration fees, late fees, and tournament fees will be established by the Executive Committee every year.

Article II MSLax Rules
Section 2.01 The Executive Committee will post League Rules annually. US Lacrosse Rules, modified for youth play, will serve as a guide for MSLax rules of play.
Section 2.02 In the absence of official umpires, the home team must provide the umpire(s) for each league game. Home teams must verify the umpires, either official or other suitable umpires, prior to each game. The home team should also provide the following for each game: a scorer’s table, timekeeper and timer, scorekeeper with scorebook, medical kit, and designated substitution areas. The home team must appropriately prepare the field for play, subject to umpire discretion. In the absence of official umpires, determination of adequate preparation is subject to the visiting head coach’s discretion.
Section 2.03 A team without a home field must provide umpire(s) and necessary helpers and items for any away games played as “home” games, as so designated by the game scheduler. Each team can expect to play approximately ½ of games at “home” if circumstances permit.
Section 2.04 Coaches or managers for the winning team are responsible for reporting game scores within 24 hours of game completion.  Scores must be reported via the MSLax web site under “Game Results” with the following information:  game date, level of play, name of home and visiting team, score from the game, any additional information and contact information for the person reporting.
Section 2.05  Each season’s league division configurations will be determined by the Executive Committee as soon as possible after team registration, if not before.
Section 2.06 The Executive Committee may make exceptions to these Operating Policies for new teams joining MSLax by appealing to the Executive Committee.
Section 2.07 All players rostered on MSLax club teams and all coaches of club teams must be members of US Lacrosse and must confirm in writing prior to the start of practice each season.
Section 2.08  To be eligible for an MSLax team, a player must reside in the town, suburb, or public high school attendance area of her lacrosse association.  This is considered the “Residing Community.”  If a player does not have a youth lacrosse association/MSLax team, they must play for the next nearest lacrosse association.
Section 2.09 Waivers for individuals wishing to play outside their residing community must be submitted to the MSLax Executive Committee prior to practicing.  Occasionally, players are open enrolled in a public or private school outside of their Residing Community.  In any such situation, if a player is seeking to play for a program outside of their Residing Community, they must complete a Boundary Waiver.  Girls playing on a private school team can be verified via their team rosters and individual waivers will not be needed.  Waivers are granted on an individual basis and not all waivers are granted.  Waivers must be submitted prior to the start of the season and prior to player evaluations.

Section 2.10 If a player (or coach) receives a red/purple card in a game (2 yellow cards to the same player/coach in a game equals a red card), she/he is suspended and cannot play/coach in the rest of that game or the next game. These game suspensions carry over into tournaments and play offs.

Article III Teams in Good Standing
Section 3.01 MSLax teams will be considered in Good Standing if ALL of the following apply:

  1. The team is current with MSLax dues, late fees, tournament fees, umpire fees, etc.
  2. The team has provided team rosters, with US Lacrosse numbers for all players and the head coach, to the MSLax prior to the first game of the season.
  3. One of the team’s coaches, or a team representative, attended the season’s coaches meeting
  4. Teams must be run through an athletic department of a public or private school or have an association with bylaws and an elected board.  See rule Section 2.06 for exceptions to this rule.
  5. The team/coaches have not been put on notice by the Executive Committee for repeated violations of sportsmanship and/or rules of play.
  6. Teams have not been found in violation of play-up or play-down policies.

Section 3.02 Only teams in Good Standing will be eligible for the annual tournament and have MSLax voting privileges.
Section 3:03 Repeated violations of the above provisions can result in suspension of the season and denial of future membership to MSLax

Article IV MSLax Game Cancellation Policy 
Section 4.01 In order to cancel and reschedule regular season games, the home team coach (or other home team representative) must contact the visiting team and find alternate dates and times that are mutually agreeable to both teams.  The home team must then submit a “Game Reschedule Request” via the MSLax web site, and pay a $10 fee, before games will be rescheduled. 
Section 4.02 Canceling a game within 48 hours of the game time will result in a forfeit by the canceling team. Weather related cancelations will not result in a forfeit and will not require a $10 fee to reschedule. Extenuating circumstances can be approved by the MSLax President (or another board member in the event of the President’s absence or non-timely reply) and thereby avoid forfeiture.
Section 4.03 Once a game has been officially rescheduled, the home team coach should notify the referee scheduler immediately if they haven’t already.  Teams must submit a “Reschedule Request” via the MSLax web site at least five days prior to the cancellation and pay a $10 administrative fee prior to the start of said rescheduled game in order to be approved.

Article V Changes to Operating Policies
Section 5.01 These Operating Policies may be amended by the following procedures:

  1. At a meeting of members by a majority of the votes received, as long as the material has been made available to the members at least 14 days in advance of the vote. Absentee ballots will be accepted by the Secretary prior to the meeting.
  2. By write-in ballot with a majority of the voting membership providing the material has been made available to the membership at least 14 days prior to the desired return date.