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SCSA the Academy.

What is the Academy ?


The Academy is the travel side of SCSA for players between u8 and u10.


The Academy focuses on technique, development and the love of the game. The coaches work hard to create a safe environment for all levels of player to develop while having the freedom to be creative and self-sufficient gamers. We understand that winning is important but we believe that development is paramount. 


In the Academy, all players play all positions and playing time is equal. We train hard on dribbling, passing, receiving and shooting while teaching tactics with activities that are fun and present problems to solve. 


Our SCSA Academy has been recognized on a national level for its unique approach to development and transformational coaching.

Age Requirements for Fall 2017 / Spring 2018


u8- Born in 2010 - $765 for Fall / Winter Team Training / Spring

u9- Born in 2009 - $865 for Fall / Winter Team Training / Spring

u10- Born in 2008 - $1,055 for Fall / Winter Team Training / Spring


Schedule: Fall 2017 - Spring 2018


  • Team Camp - July 29 - 30, 2017 - 9:00am to 3:00pm @SCSA (start of our fall!!!)

  • Fall Season begins - August 1 - (TuesdayWednesdayThursday training begins)

  • U8 and u9s train 5:30 to 6:45pm // u10s train 6:45 to 8:00pm

  • Indy Prem Playdate - August 

  • FC Pride Friendlies - August 

  • Nightmare at the Rock - October 27-29 at SCSA (end of our fall!!!)


  • Winter Break- October 31 to January 29 - Kids encouraged to play other sports! 

  • Winter training begins - January 29 (usually Thursday night and Saturday morning


  • Spring Team Camp - March 3 and 4 (start of spring!) Times TBA 

  • Spring training outdoors as soon as weather permits

  • Train 3 days a week and play on league games on Saturdays. 

  • Classic at the Rock - June 8-10 at SCSA (end of our spring) 

  • Tryouts for u11 - June 11


  • Check out our SCSA Summer Soccer Camps. HERE 



EXTRAS: aka The SWAG of The Academy

We are more than just wins and losses, practices and games...we are a place where kids can be apart of something bigger than themselves while learning how to be teammates, leaders, soccer players and better people. We are the Academy and to us, that means family. 

  • Make Your Own Ball Day - A day in September where the players make homemade soccer balls and play barefoot for a day in order to feel what it is like to be a kid in a third-world country. The Academy coaches turned MYOBD into a non-profit and invite players to give back through donated soccer gear! The greatest day of the year! 

  • Halloween Extravaganza - The Thursday before Halloween or one in late October where the Academy all dress up in their costumes and play soccer. The coaches go all out for this and siblings are invited to participate! 

  • Academy Movie Night Outside - Periodically our Academy will have an open weekend where we have no league games, when this happens we sometimes play inter-squad scrimmages near dusk and then gather near our indoor facility where we project a movie and watch it on blankets and lawn chairs! 

  • Parents and Pancakes Party - Usually in the fall or  winter , this is a Saturday morning where the coaches cook pancakes and everyone pitches in for a big breakfast potluck and the parents play with and against the kids in soccer! 

  • Team Camp Talent Show - With our fall season starting with a 2 day team camp, we have a tradition where on the 2nd day, we host a players talent show with on average 30 acts! It is a blast and lots of talent! 

  • Christmas Soccer Party -  Tis the season to get together and play some soccer. We like to get together in December and give the players a chance to play, go crazy and listen to some holiday tunes! 

  • Academy Green Carpet Formal - Put together every couple of years, the formal is a great opportunity for us to step away from soccer, dress up and hang out / DANCE! 

  • Academy Olympics - During the droll of winter training, we put together soccer events that are performed by our Academy players who are broken into different teams aka countries! 

  • 4v4 Festival - A staple of our Academy spring, the 4v4 Festival is a day where clubs from all over Indianapolis get together and play 4v4 games (small goal, big goal, line game and 4 goal) against each other as well as in a mixed club format! Players from different clubs get to meet one another and play on the same team! This event is free and the 5 dollar lunch proceeds all go to local charities or children's hospitals! 

  • Neon Rave // PAINT WAR  - The Academy is comprised of kids and we like to embrace that fact. So we plan events where the kids get to let loose in a safe way. So we have a night where we go into our indoor and throw glow-sticks around and rave to techno music! And the paint war is just that. After a practice in the fall, we get wet and powder paint and give it to the players and have them go nuts! 2015 was our first year doing this and it is still being talked about! 

  • End of the Year Academy Banquet - The coaches grill out for the entire Academy and their families. Families bring sides and desserts to pitch in and the last Thursday before the Classic at the Rock in June is spent hanging out, grilling and playing soccer! 



Other Details:

We know soccer is not the center of the universe and so we are understanding when players need to miss and playing time is never effected. 


We will play in the Indiana Soccer League. The travel is all local. Bloomington, Columbus, Fishers...etc. We play on Saturdays and usually in the late morning for girls and afternoon for boys. 


The community and culture of the Academy are as important as anything else. So we do lots of fun culture building events like movie nights to facilitate our players and families connecting outside of just training. 


The Academy is ALWAYS accepting new players into the program! So if you want to join us for winter team training and the spring season, please email our Academy Director, Mark Spiegel at Academy@scsaindy.com



Please contact Academy Director Mark Spiegel if you have any questions. 

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