LBL was founded in 1993 to promote the sport of Lacrosse in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The organization strives to emphasize the development of boy and girl lacrosse players, emphasizing teamwork, sportsmanship, respect, and discipline.

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Lower Bucks Lacrosse Severe Weather Policy

The catch-phrase, “When thunder roars, go indoors,” is an easy way to remember that if you can hear thunder, you’re close enough to the storm to be struck by lightning, even if it isn’t raining. 
Coaches and/or referees must delay or cancel a practice or game at the first sound of lightning or thunder at the site. The site must be cleared immediately of all persons; players should head to their cars or to a suitable shelter.  A suitable shelter is a building with four walls and a roof; pavilions and tents will not keep you safe.
If it is anticipated that the storm will pass, the practice or game may be resumed following a three (3) minute warm-up period, no sooner than thirty (30) minutes after the last sight of lightning or the last sound of thunder.
If the severe weather is determined to be of great length or intensity, the coach, referee, and/or other officials have the responsibility and authority to cancel the practice or game. Safety of our players, coaches, referees and families is the most important factor in any decision of this type.
Additional Lightning Safety Tips:
1. There should be no contact with metal objects (lacrosse sticks, bleachers, fences, golf clubs, bats, etc).
2. Single trees and standing in a group should be avoided.
3. If there is no other shelter, you may seek refuge in a hardtop vehicle. It is not the rubber tires that protect from lightning; it is the hardtop metal roof that dissipates the lightning around the vehicle. (NCAA, 2007)1
4. The existence of blue skies and/or absence of rain are not protection from lightning. Lightning can strike 10 miles away from the rain shaft. (NCAA, 2007) 1
6. Avoid using a landline telephone.
7. Persons who have been struck by lightning do not carry an electrical charge. You can provide care. Move the victim to a safe location to provide care.
8. If in a forest, seek shelter in a low area under a thick grove of small trees.