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SCP Girls Select Program (U15-U17s)

The Girls Select Program targets the best, most committed players from the U-15, U-16, and 17 SCP teams (U-14 when appropriate).  Objectives will be to serve SCP's elite with 1) Added Curriculum and Training, 2) Most Meaningful Games, 3) Collegiate Exposure, and 4) Create Intra-squad Competition.  The team will be chosen by evaluations from training and game environment while playing for their current SCP teams in addition to the SCP coach recommendations.  Tentative training/match schedules are listed below.

Players will play for both their current SCP Club Teams and the Select Program Team.  Training will follow Curriculum.  Implement SPARQ (Speed, Power, Agility, Reaction, Quickness), Fitness Testing (Beep[ Test, the 20/40 yard tes and an agility test), and ACL Prevention.

The Select Program Team will be entered in 2 top nationally recognized showcase tournaments.  TENTATIVE tournaments....Jefferson Cup, Virginia - 3rd week of March; Surf Cup-San Diego, California - First week of August.
There will be a game schedule (max of 10 games) including college teams.
There will be no more than 1 game per every 3 training sessions.

This Girls Select group will be coached by Mike Howard.  Additional instruction from SCP Coaching Staff, Guest College Coaches, and professional players.  Staff will serve as advisors in college search process.

The team will be provided with training soccer balls.
There will be Sport Psychology and Nutrition lectures in addition to the possibility of film sessions of training/games.