The Ohio Flames AAA Girls Hockey Program - Members of the Tier I Elite Hockey League!
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14U TII Schedule

DAY Date Rink Time Bracket Game Home  Visitor
Fri 9/24 KR 5:00 PM 14U T2-A 130 Durham West Lightning Burlington Barracudas
Fri 9/24 KR 6:20 PM 14U T2-A 131 West Seneca Wings Buffalo Regals
Fri 9/24 KR 7:40 PM 14U T2-N 132 Ancaster Avalanche Niagara Junior Purple Eagles
Fri 9/24 KR 9:00 PM 14U T2-N 133 Michigan Ice Breakers Webster Cyclones
Sat 9/25 KR 9:00 AM 14U T2-A 134 West Seneca Wings Durham West Lightning
Sat 9/25 KR 10:30 AM 14U T2-A 135 Burlington Barracudas Buffalo Regals
Sat 9/25 KR 12:00 PM 14U T2-N 136 Michigan Ice Breakers Ancaster Avalanche
Sat 9/25 KR 1:30 PM 14U T2-N 137 Niagara Junior Purple Eagles Webster Cyclones
Sat 9/25 KR 5:30 PM 14U T2-A 138 Buffalo Regals Durham West Lightning
Sat 9/25 KR 7:00 PM 14U T2-A 139 Burlington Barracudas West Seneca Wings
Sat 9/25 KR 8:30 PM 14U T2-N 140 Webster Cyclones Ancaster Avalanche
Sat 9/25 KR 10:00 PM 14U T2-N 141 Niagara Junior Purple Eagles Michigan Ice Breakers
Sun 9/26 KR 9:00 AM 14U T2 Semi 142 14U Tier 2 First Overall 14U Tier 2 Fourth Overall
Sun 9/26 KR 10:30 AM 14U T2 Semi 143 14U Tier 2 Second Overall  14U Tier 2 Third Overall
Sun 9/26 KP 8:45 AM 14U T2 Cons 145 14U T2 Fifth Place 14U T2 Sixth Place
Sun 9/26 KP 11:30 AM 14U T2 Cons 146 14U T2 Seventh Place 14U T2 Eigth Place
Sun 9/26 KR 3:00 PM 14U T2 Final 144 14U Tier 2 Winner Game #130 14U Tier 2 Winner Game # 131
Rink Code
C-S/C-N Cleveland Heights
K-R/K-P Kent State Ice Arena
M-W/M-E Mentor Civic Ice Arena
W-1/W-2 Serpentini Arena
GILM Gilmour Academy
RR Rockey River Hamilton Ice Arena
CSC Cleveland Skating Club