PCSC is a nonprofit that inspires young athletes to develop competitive level soccer skills in a supportive and rewarding community environment that emphasizes enjoyment, respect and sportsmanship to foster their physical, mental and social growth.

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Park City Soccer Club
 Training Schedule Nov 14 – Dec 21, 2009
Week 1
Nov 14    Saturday                 U9-U11 G/B           DROP-IN                            5-6:00pm (Full)
                                               U12-U14 G/B         DROP-IN                            6-7:30pm (Full)
                                               U15-U18 G/B         DROP-IN                            7:30-9pm (Full)
Nov 16    Monday                   U15G/U15B/U16G                                          7:30-8pm (Warm Up)/8-9pm (Full)
Nov 17    Tuesday                   U12G                                                             5:30-6pm (Warm Up)/6-7pm (Half)
                                                U13G                                                             6:30-7pm (Warm Up)/7-8pm (Half)
                                                U13B Red/White                                            7:30-8pm (Warm Up)/8-9pm (Half)
Nov 18   Wednesday               U11G/U11B                                                   4:30-5pm (Warm Up)/5-6pm (Full)
                                                U9G/U9B/U10G                                              5:30-6pm (Warm Up)/6-7pm (Full)
                                                U10B Red/White                                             6:30-7pm (Warm Up)/7-8pm (Full)
                                                U14G/U14B                                                    7:30-8pm (Warm Up)/8-9pm (Full)
Nov 19     Thursday                U12G/U14G                                                     4:30-5pm (Warm Up)/5-6pm (Full)
                                                U13G/U14B                                                     5:30-6pm (Warm Up)/6-7pm (Full)
                                                U11G/U11B                                                     7-8:30pm (Half)
Nov 20    Friday                     U13B Red/White                                               4-5:00pm (Full)
                                               U15G/U16G                                                      5-6:30pm (Full)
                                               U15B/U16B                                                      6:30-8pm (Full)                                                                     
Nov 21    Saturday                 U16B/U18B                                                        4:30-5pm (Warm Up)/5-6pm (Full)
                                               U9-U11 G/B                DROP-IN                         6-7:30pm (Full)
                                               U12-U14 G/B              DROP-IN                         7:30-9pm (Full)
Week 2
Nov 23    Monday                  U15B/U16B/U18B                                                7:30-8pm (Warm Up)/8-9pm (Full)
Nov 24    Tuesday                  U11G/U11B                                                         5:30-6pm (Warm Up)/6-7pm (Half)
                                               U12G/U13G                                                         7-8:30pm (Half)
Nov 25    Wednesday             U13Red/White/U14B                                           4:30-5pm (Warm Up)/5-6pm (Full)
                                                U14G/U15G/U16G                                              5:30-6pm (Warm Up)/6-7pm (Full)
Week 3
Nov 30    Monday                  U15G/U15B/U16G                                                7:30-8pm (Warm Up)/8-9pm (Full)
Dec 1      Tuesday                 U13B Red/White                                                   5:30-6pm (Warm Up)/6-7pm (Half)
                                              U14G                                                                    6:30-7pm (Warm Up)/7-8pm (Half)
                                              U14B                                                                    7:30-8pm (Warm Up)/8-9pm (Half)
Dec 2     Wednesday             U15G/U16G                                                          4:30-5pm (Warm Up)/5-6pm (Full)
                                              U9G/U9B/U10G                                                    5:30-6pm (Warm Up)/6-7pm (Full)
                                              U10B Red/White                                                   6:30-7pm (Warm Up)/7-8pm (Full)
                                              U15B/U16B/U18B                                                 7:30-8pm (Warm Up)/8-9pm (Full)
Dec 3     Thursday                U11G/U11B                                                           4:30-5pm (Warm Up)/5-6pm (Full)
                                             U12G/U14G                                                           5:30-6pm (Warm Up)/6-7pm (Full)
                                              U13G/U14B                                                          7-8:30pm (Half)
Dec 4      Friday                     U11G/U11B                                                          4-5:00pm (Full)
                                              U13B Red/White                                                   5-6:30pm (Full)
                                              U12G/U13G                                                           6:30-8pm (Full)                                                                     
Dec 5      Saturday                 U9-U10 G/B                 DROP-IN                            5-6:00pm (Half)
                                               U11-U12 G/B               DROP-IN                            6-7:30pm (Half)
                                               U13-U14 G/B               DROP-IN                            7:30-9pm (Half)
PCSC Training #1 2009-2010
Week 4
Dec 7      Monday                 U15G/U15B/U16G                                                 7:30-8pm (Warm Up)/8-9pm (Full)
Dec 8      Tuesday                 U12G                                                                     5:30-6pm (Warm Up)/6-7pm (Half)
                                              U14B                                                                     6:30-7pm (Warm Up)/7-8pm (Half)
                                              U13B Red/White                                                    7:30-8pm (Warm Up)/8-9pm (Half)
Dec 9      Wednesday             U11G/U11B                                                           4:30-5pm (Warm Up)/5-6pm (Full)
                                               U9G/U9B/U10G                                                     5:30-6pm (Warm Up)/6-7pm (Full)
                                               U10B Red/White                                                    6:30-7pm (Warm Up)/7-8pm (Full)
                                               U14G/U14B                                                           7:30-8pm (Warm Up)/8-9pm (Full)
Dec 10    Thursday                U12G/U13G                                                           4:30-5pm (Warm Up)/5-6pm (Full)
                                              U13B Red/White                                                    5:30-6pm (Warm Up)/6-7pm (Full)
                                              U11G/U11B                                                           7-8:30pm (Half)
Dec 11    Friday                     U13G/U14G                                                           4-5:00pm (Full)
                                               U15G/U16G                                                           5-6:30pm (Full)
                                               U15B/U16B/U18B                                                  6:30-8pm (Full)                                                                     
Dec 12    Saturday                U9-U11 G/B         DROP-IN                                     5-6:00pm (Full)
                                              U12-U14 G/B        DROP-IN                                    6-7:30pm (Full)
                                              U15-U18 G/B        DROP-IN                                    7:30-9pm (Full)
Week 5
Dec 14    Monday                  U15G/U15B/U16G                                                  7:30-8pm (Warm Up)/8-9pm (Full)
Dec 15    Tuesday                  U13B Red/White                                                    5:30-6pm (Warm Up)/6-7pm (Half)
                                               U14G                                                                     6:30-7pm (Warm Up)/7-8pm (Half)
                                               U14B                                                                     7:30-8pm (Warm Up)/8-9pm (Half)
Dec 16    Wednesday              U15B/U16B/U18B                                                 4:30-5pm (Warm Up)/5-6pm (Full)
                                                U9G/U9B/U10G                                                     5:30-6pm (Warm Up)/6-7pm (Full)
                                                U10B Red/White                                                    6:30-7pm (Warm Up)/7-8pm (Full)
                                                U15G/U16G                                                           7:30-8pm (Warm Up)/8-9pm (Full)
Dec 17     Thursday                U11G/U11B                                                           4:30-5pm (Warm Up)/5-6pm (Full)
                                                U12G/U14G                                                          5:30-6pm (Warm Up)/6-7pm (Full)
                                                U13G/U14B                                                           7-8:30pm (Half)
Dec 18    Friday                     U11G/U11B                                                           4-5:00pm (Full)
                                               U13B Red/White                                                    5-6:30pm (Full)
                                               U12G/U13G                                                           6:30-8pm (Full)                                                                     
Dec 19    Saturday                  U9-U10 G/B                  DROP-IN                            5-6:00pm (Full)
                                                U11-U13 G/B                DROP-IN                            6-7:30pm (Full)
                                                U14-U16 G/B                DROP-IN                            7:30-9pm (Full)
Dec 21    Monday                   U11G/U12G/U13G                                                  4:30-5pm (Warm Up)/5-6pm (Full)
                                               U14G/U15G/U16G                                                  6-7:30pm (Full)
                                                U15B/U16B/U18B                                                  7:30-9pm (Full)
Please note this is not a perfect science and over a period of time not all teams will have the same amounts of training sessions. As all teams practice throughout the winter the number of training sessions will equalize.
I’ve included DROP-IN and broken the sessions into three age groups. This gives opportunity for free play and mixing of players which I believe during this time of year is a great benefit to each player and our Club.
I encourage you to really pay attention to the schedule. Whenever you are using half the field house or full, it is up to the coaches present to decide use of space and whether mixing of players and teams is appropriate. The two or three teams for each age group always train at the same time. G and B designate a single team at the age group such as U15 girls and U13 boys. Remember where it says Warm Up you must use the limited space around the outside of the field for thirty minutes before use of the field for your team practice. Please note that on Monday and Wednesday HS baseball uses the fieldhouse from 3-5pm so the Warm Up may have to be outside on the grass if possible.   If it doesn’t designate a Warm Up the teams have the field for the full hour and a half. This schedule will encounter crowded training space and a need for courtesy and cooperation between teams and players as well as our Club and other entities using Newpark. In addition as the weather outside holds teams are encouraged to continue to train outside for as long as weather and light permit.