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MSLax Girls Lacrosse
Coaches Meeting 2013
The Fastest Growing
Sport in America     

*Recommend background checks, US Lax & Nat’l Council of Youth Sport websites (NCSI)
*Non-school teams- all girls need to be US Lax members.  All rosters in by 4/15
*Send Contact info to 
*Girls not allowed to play down, up to 3 can play up to complete a team
*Spring teams registered?? MSSLax.com

Game Info and Responsibility

Coaches bag-pinnies  with #’s, first aid, ref items (shirt, whistle, cards)
Home Game- score table, chairs, horns, scoreboard/flip chart, timer, scorebook, people to score & time, FIELDS LINED for girls.
Report Scores via the MSLax website within 24 hours

Coaches Check List  
US Lacrosse Member #’s
PCA Double Goal Certified
Recommended coaches training online at USLacrosse and Julie’s ref training for rules
Be Fierce + Fair Pledge and Code of Conduct

BFF/Rules Rule
Be Fierce + Fair =
You Play Hard
You Work Hard and
You do not sacrifice safety to win at all costs
You are responsible for maintaining the safety and integrity of the women’s game.

Rules Rule
Honor the origins of the game
Commit to the core values of the game
Respect all participants and
Recognize the value of fair play and both the letter and the spirit of the game.

Coach’s Responsibility
Coaches –recognize the influence you have- be positive role models
Respect officials, players and parents
And require respect for officials, the other team and parents from players and parents.
Grievances should never occur on the field but through proper channels

Coaches should know the rules and Never teach deliberate unsportsmanlike conduct
Coaches should not tolerate unsportsmanlike behavior
Make it clear to spectators that they are not allowed to be malicious or to harass an official

Code of Conduct
Honoring the Game

Sportsmanship and fair play at all levels
Good sportsmanship placed ABOVE winning
Coaches recognize the influence you have- be positive role models
Respect officials teammates/players and the game

Grievances should never occur on field but through proper channels
Spectators should never be malicious or harass an official
Rules- coaches should know the rules and never teach deliberate unsportsmanlike conduct

The Lacrosse Official
* 3 levels of referees:
  1.  Apprentice- new, $25
  2.  Local- experienced but not certified,                   $35-$50
    3.  MLUA Certified Officials- $50/$65
REFEREE FEES are now rolled into your registration cost

Game Cancellation Policy
* In the event that a scheduled game is canceled within 12 hours of game time, the home/host team must notify the referee assignor directly AND MSLax.  The assignor will then contact the scheduled referees.   If that coach/administrator has the names and numbers of the referees they should ALSO contact them as back up.

*Referees are paid in full for a canceled game if they were not notified prior to their arrival or in time to avoid travel up to 3 hours before the start of a game.

*In event that a game is canceled at a point within 30 minutes of the scheduled start time, the referees will be paid in full.

*In the event a game is canceled after it has started, the referees shall be paid in full.
Time Line
3/1- Completed computer registration and payment submitted to
               Phil Becker
               8810 Westmoreland Lane
               St Louis Park, MN 55426
4/7- Spring season begins
4/7- team rosters & USLax #’s due  (players and coaches)
5/31-June 1- Playday at Blake
5/24- last week of scheduled/make-up games

Summer Time Line (so far):
* 5/1- summer teams intent
* 5/10- Completed computer summer registration and payments submitted

* 5/27- Summer schedule posted

* 6/13- Summer games begin- team rosters with players' names, grades, jersey numbers and US Lax numbers are due  on the website.

* 7/23/24- Summer playday/ tournament
* 7/25-  end of season/make up game week if needed

Specific to youth

nRegulation Stick Pocket
n5/6thGrade- No stick checking
n7/8thGrade- Modified stick checking-stick is below shoulder level, check is downward direction
nNo one but the Goalie is allowed in the crease
nNo jewelry
n4 goal lead rule (US Lacrosse rule), if you lead by 4 goals the other team gets the ball instead of a center draw
n8 goal lead rule (MSSLax rule), "if your team leads by 8 or more points, your players must complete 3 passes before shooting on goal AND the other team gets the ball on the draw
nYouth 3 Seconds
Goal Circle Fouls
 Youth- can not cross the crease
   (goal circle), if so the goal does not count

Youth 3 Seconds
Intended to reward good defense creating a turnover for being in a “checkable position”
Rule: “ No holding the ball for more than 3 seconds when closely guarded and the defense  has both hands on her stick and is in position to legally check were checking allowed”

Major Fouls    
nDangerous/rough check-7 inch bubble
nCheck to the head-mandatory card
nSlashing- man. card
nForcing Through
nShooting Space
n3 Seconds
nDangerous propelling (at field player), Man. Card
nDangerous follow through, Man. Card
nDangerous Shot- at goalie
nCrosse to body
Minor Fouls
nEmpty Stick Check
nBody ball
nIllegal Crosse
nDelay of Game- creeping
nDelay of Game- no mouth guard
nDelay of Game- no eye protection
nIllegal substitute
nPlay from out of bounds
The “cost” of a Minor and Major Foul to your team

Minor- the offending player stands 4 metersaway ( 4.4 yards) in the direction from which she approached before committing the foul, the other team gets the ball

Majorthe player is asked to stand 4m (4.4 yards)BEHIND the offending player, the other team gets the ball

New Rule Changes for 2011
Green Card=Delay of game
Yellow Card= 3 minute without substitution
2 Yellow Cards=game suspension & sit out next game
Red Card= Immediate suspension from game, ineligible for next 2 games
Team gets a 3rdcard= Team plays short for remainder and additional player will be removed for each subsequent card issued

Little pet peave:  The Center Draw   
(not a face off)
Feet toeing the line
Back of pocket facing the goal you are attacking (open pocket facing goal you are defending)
Right sidewall down
Left hand up- “pull” draw  or
 Right hand up “push draw”
On whistle ball goes up and over players heads or a re-draw

Honor The Game……