PCSC is a nonprofit that inspires young athletes to develop competitive level soccer skills in a supportive and rewarding community environment that emphasizes enjoyment, respect and sportsmanship to foster their physical, mental and social growth.

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March 30, 2010
AGM Minutes
Location: Trailside

Board in Attendance: Dan Williamson, Karen Howell, Melanie Moffat, Kristen Pearson, Cheryl White-Hamrick, Angie Chacon, Renee Crabtree, Bob Martin
·         Call To Order – Dan Williamson
·         Roll Call for Team Reps – Renee Crabtree
·         Proof of Meeting Notice confirmed
·         Introduction of Board Members
·         Introduction of Special Guest – Scott Reynolds from RSL –
Looking for ways to support club, members and families
Season Tickets
Raise Funds
Mascot appearances
Player development
PC Schools – community service, Internship opportunities
·         2009 AGM Minutes –
Motion to approve – Kelly Miller
Second – Shauna Hopperstead
Approved – no dissent
·         Treasurer/Budget Report – Cheryl and Angie
AR – team managers to help with contact information
Past due fees must be paid by April 15th so cards will not be pulled
Proposed budget presented by Angie
Q: What are admin fees? (bank, cc processing, website, insurance, licenses, permits, office supplies)
Academy Expense increase due to additional teams
Coach expense increase due to additional teams
Uniform expense down due to re-use of existing
Scholarships should stay same
Cash position at end of fiscal year = approximately $50,000
Q: Tournament Budget in greater detail: not available at this time will provide later
Items of consideration:
Are Coaches’ salaries competitive?
Can we lower program fees?
Bob M –
Want to bring on younger ages @ lower rates
Mesh rec soccer w/ club
Issue: UYSA limits roster size @ younger age groups
·         Tournament – Heather Fox
Each year grows tremendously: 250% over last 5 years
Recognized/ranked nationally
Majority of profit goes towards PCSC scholarship program
Currently only club fundraiser
Social marketing (twitter, facebook) to increase product exposure for sponsors
Team Sponsorship Packets
Third year in a row club has not had to raise fees due to success of tournament
Chamber grant/Restaurant tax monies – need out of state/overnight to obtain these funds
Kickbacks from lodging for overnight stays
Largest tournament in state (beat out Sparta last year)
·         Back to Budget:
Motion to approve 2010 Budget:  Kelly Miller
Second: Kathy Meyer
Approved – no dissent
·         2010/11 Schedule Overview
Tryouts – May 17 – 21 and May 24 – 28
Very tight due to late games (re-scheduled due to weather) and early release from school for summer
Team Meeting Night – June 1st
·         Uniforms – same as last year
·         “Practice Roster” –
 25-28 – added all but 3 to teams and then collected fees
Incentive to keep players involved until positions are available on teams
Bob M – UYSA roster rules make things more difficult for small clubs
·         Coach’s Report: Bob Martin
Struggle as small club with smaller pool of players vs. large clubs
Greatest challenge is our numbers
X-league – looking to build numbers – short and long term
Youth academy challenge: provide training for players at younger age without creating conflict with rec and basin programs
·         Karen Howell –
Thank –you Bob Derber for club stickers
Younger player pamphlets
278 players in our program!
·         Dan Williamson – camp report
Camps – fees not raised
Club wide training t-shirts will be issued instead of “camp t-shirts”
Try to provide additional training during breaks (ie. Christmas)
Premier One
Bob’s College Showcase
·         Thanks To:
Bryan Fox – out going club president
Shelley Gillwald – Club Administrator
Team Mangers!
Uniform Committee: Lynne Griggs and Trish Hodgson
Tournament Committee
·         Proposed changes to PCSC as posted on website
Motion to approve: Don Brown
Second: Shauna Hopperstead
Approved, no dissent
·         Carol Tesch – additional training facilities
·         Nomination of New Board Positions:
Dan Williamson
Kristen Pearson
Angie Dufner
As there are only three nominees and three positions are available:
Motion to elect these three:  Dawna Goodwin
Second: Lisa Williamson
Approved: No dissent
·         Motion to adjourn: Karen Howell
Second: Kristen Pearson
Team Representatives:
1.       Angie Dufner
2.       Cathy Murphy
1.       Keith Fidone
2.       Petra Wells
1.       Liza Pickering
1.       Gary Clifton
2.       Dan Williamson
1.       Don Brown
2.       Tricia De Gray
1.       Isabelle Kuennen
2.       Sonja Allison
1.       Stuart Beling
2.       Jodi Derber
1.       Julie Testa
1.       Lisa Williamson
2.       Dawna Goodwin
1.       Shelley Gilwald
2.       Lisa Efinger
1.       Paul Baniewicz
2.       Mike Guetschow
1.       Isabelle Kuennen
2.       Dorothy Adams
1.       Stephanie Nelson
2.       Shauna Hopperstead
1.       Sue Chapton
2.       Lisa Mosher
1.       Kathy Meyer
2.       Colleen Nuffer
1.       Kelly Miller
2.       Chuck Hamrick
1.       Penny  O’Brien
2.       Janet Smith
1.       Carolyn Frankenberg