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Game Confirmations
Umpires assigned to games should be emailing or calling either the Home team contact or coach of the names listed in Arbiter for each game assigned.  Team contact or coach should reply back to confirm game date, time & location.  If team contact or coach does not hear from at least 1 of the umpires assigned, they should be logging into Arbiter to see who the assigned umprries are & calling them to confirm game logistics.  Please see below for directions in terms of how to navigate through Arbiter to find umpire contact information.

Game Cancellations
If the game is to be cancelled the day of the game due to rain, team contact or coach should be contacting the umpires directly and alerting Mike Lawrow, MLUA Referee Assignor, at:  mlawrow9102@msn.com (or phone at 612-306-1813) of the game cancellation(s) at least 2-4 hours in advance of the game.  Umpire information can be found within Arbiter at the directions below.  Game changes due to any other reason besides rain (a.k.a., cold, snow, etc.) is strongly discouraged by our association.  MLUA works hard to assign the umpires to each youth game, but has to do so by assigning the college levels, then the high school levels, & then the youth levels with the umpires available.  Unfortunately we have only so many umpires we can use & sometimes we have to assign a single ref to cover the games due to umpire availability.  Also we are trying to train as many umpires as we can, but umpire availability is sometimes difficult due to other commitments (work, other sports officiating, family & personal commitments, high school game schedules, etc.).

Please try to play each game scheduled the rest of the year.  It really helps us stop the insanity of games being rescheduled!

Arbiter Sign In

How to use Arbiter to find umpire contact information or verify game scheudle loaded within Arbiter
1.  Sign into Arbiter with the username/password from the Welcome message sent from Arbiter.
2.  Click on "Schedules" in the top navigation bar.
3.  Click on the number link under the "Games" column on the far right (number is linkable) .
4.  Click on the "2/2" link of the specific game you want under the "Slots" column on the far right (2/2 is linkable).
5.  You should now see the umpires assigned.  You can click on each umpire's name to get contact information in case of game changes or cancellations.

Also if you need to see game details before the current date, check the "Show All" box on the far left under the left navigation area.

Also let me know if you do not have an Arbiter account.  I will set up the team contact names of those who will be confirming umpires assigned.