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2020-2021 Referee Information and Requirements

In the Cobras Soccer program the Referees and Assistant Referees , (aka. Linesmen) are paid for their services. We use local people, whenever possible and feel that by paying them we can expect more than if they were volunteers. All Referees are REQUIRED to attend the appropriate Florida State Referee classes before taking the field (See below for more information on Referee Certification Classes). We require our Referees to purchase and wear the proper soccer attire, which includes Shirt, Shorts, Socks, Shoes, as well as other necessary equipment like Timer or Stop Watch, Cards, and/or Flags needed to properly officiate a soccer game.

Recreational in-house soccer season utilizes Grade-9 referees for some of the younger divisions and Grade-8 or higher for the older divisions, Assistant Referees, (AR), are required to attend the AR class (see below) and attend our pre-season meeting. All Referees and Assistant Referees will be required to attend biweekly Sunday afternoon meetings. At these meetings, the Referees and AR's will be paid for the prior 2 weeks of work, and will be scheduled for the next 2 weeks. Anyone unable to attend these meetings will have to wait until the next meeting to get paid, and will only be scheduled to work any games not assigned at the meeting. Each Referee or AR will only be eligible to work games for divisions with players younger than the Referee/Assistant Referee, in so far as that is possible. All Referees/AR's are not allowed to officiate at games where a family member is playing or coaching.

5v5 soccer games are also officiated by local referees from the same pool as the travel league. The 5v5 league is considerably smaller, 7 simultaneous games maximum with a single referee, and Don McCans Don McCans Don McCans awards these games to the interested local referees from the same list as the travel league. All the 5v5 referees are Grade 8 or above.

Please note there is a state and country wide, shortage of soccer referees. There are many suggested reasons for this, but we need your help. If you are a young adult, or adult, with a strong personality, good attitude, and full knowledge of the game this is an excellent opportunity to give back to the soccer community, make a little extra cash, and get paid to exercise. By taking the Grade 8 soccer referee certification class, keeping it current, you can work your way through college. Referees certified by Florida State Referees, Inc. ( State Certified ) are qualified to officiate games anywhere within the state of Florida. Soccer is the fastest growing sport in the United States, and there are leagues in every city in the nation in need of qualified referees.

Assistant Referees (Linesman) requirements:

  • MUST be at least 14 years old on December 31, of the past Year
  • MUST complete the Assistant Referees class
    • Date and Time: Held at the Optimist Building
    • Cost: $60.00 for the class and uniform

Referee requirements: You MUST attend one of the following State Certification referee classes, or the equivalent elsewhere and provide proof of current certification:

    • This is an 18-hour course.  You must attend all classes to be certified.
    • Cost: $100.00 for the class
    • Uniform $20.00.
  • RECERTIFICATION CLASS (for currently certified Grade 8 or higher)
    • Cost: $75.00 for the class
    • Uniform $20.00.

Check the Florida State Referee web site for State Referee Training information.

All Scheduled Classes will be listed on the above Web Site.

*** You must register online through Florida State Referee  for Soccer Referee certification classes ***

*** Go to , Select the Become a Referee or Annual Certification Link ***

Recreational Referee Meeting      TBD        6:00pm -8:00pm

Recreational Assistant Referee Course         TBD      

Rec Referee Assignors:

If you  are over the age of 18 years old, you must fill out a background check. You will be re-directed to the Background check site when you go to register.