The Mahtomedi Lacrosse Club officially became the Mahtomedi Youth Lacrosse Association in 2008 continuing its volunteer support of High School and Middle School level Youth Lacrosse. In Spring, 2006, the Minnesota High School League voted in Boys Lacr

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Mahtomedi Values and Principles (MVP)
Healthy sports programs for student-athletes are a key part of our community’s identity and contribute to pride in Mahtomedi and our surrounding cities. Mahtomedi Youth Lacrosse Association (MYLA), in partnership with the Mahtomedi Area Athletic Council (MAAC), supports efforts to create and sustain a healthy, safe, and positive learning environment for all participants.
As part of that effort, it is imperative that we abide by the following principles:

• All participants are treated with dignity, respect, and fairness in a safe, encouraging, and supportive environment that strengthens personal character and nurtures a lifelong passion for sports.
• The opportunity to participate in sports is a privilege available to all student-athletes.
• Participation in sports should promote a healthy lifestyle. As a result, we have zero tolerance for student-athlete use of alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drugs.
• It is incumbent upon adults — coaches, parents, officials, and spectators — to create positive, supportive environments that promote adherence to standards of sportsmanship and compliance with rules.
• Parents and coaches must support school work before sports participation.
• Training opportunities must be provided in all aspects of the sport — including coaching, officiating and age-appropriate player skill development— to increase the safety and general knowledge of the sport.
• Positive, constructive communication and feedback is important to continuous improvement efforts at the team and organization levels.