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Our Board of Directors meets the fourth Monday of every month at Murphy Park in Putnam. All members, coaches, volunteers and parents are invited to attend. We are always looking for new members and welcome your suggestions and ideas. If you wish to learn more about our organization and help us in our endeavors please contact us for further information.

2018 WPTP Board of Directors and Head Coaches

President Mike Noel 860-634-7530
Vice President Sam Deojay    
Secretary Molly Marshall   wptpsecretary@gmail.com
Treasurer Nikki Murawski   nikandjare@hotmail.com
NCFL Conference Rep. Fred Marshall   fmarshall1026@gmail.com
Player Safety Coordinator Joe Farrington    
Cheerleading Coordinator Lynne Gravel / Jenn Raymond    
Concessions Director Tammy Jean Messier    
Equipment Director Todd Poulin    
Fundraising Coordinator      
Football Coach - A Cliff Renshaw    
Football Coach - B Gary Rudman   grudman05@sbcglobal.net
Football Coach - C Jared Murawski   murawskijared@yahoo.com
Football Coach - D Shawn O'Brien    
Football Coach - Flag      
Cheer Coach - A Jennifer Raymond   lv2teachca@yahoo.com
Cheer Coach - B Lynne Gravell    
Cheer Coach - C      
Cheer Coach - D      
Cheer Coach - Flag Kathy Lafontaine