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The WPTP Junior Football League is run completely by volunteers who happily give of their time to make sure the organization runs smoothly.  Without these volunteers the Hawks would not be the teams they are today.   Most volunteers are board members who work year round to assure a safe and productive year for all the players, cheerleaders, coaches and parents.  However, we need your help, the help of parents/guardians, to continue to provide these qualities for our children.

We hope you will join our “team” to make the 2017 season a great one for our children! 

Each game day requires approximately 80 volunteers for all 4 games.  Each home game (we play 4) we need the minimum of 20 people per game for the concessions, chain gang, merchandise selling, 50/50 raffles, as well as set-up and clean up, referees for D squad game and announcing during the games.  The concession stand helps pay for the cost of hosting a game day.  The host team pays for the referees and EMTs and it totals over $1,200.00 each home game.   If you would like to volunteer in addition to the two hours that are required from each parent, we would greatly appreciate your help!

WPTP will be enlisting the parents of all players and cheerleaders to help out on game days by helping with field set up, field take down, chain gang, concessions, 50/50 raffle, announcing and overall cleanliness of the grounds.  A board member will be calling you with your date and time from your game day volunteer form, please pick a time that works for both you and your family.   You may sign up for a time slot that is during, just prior to or just after your child’s game or performance. We do not expect anyone to work the concession stand during their child’s game or performance.  Our goal is to find a date and time that accommodates your schedule as well as the league’s.  We hope you find that you enjoy helping out! If it is absolutely not possible for you to volunteer, we are offering a $50.00 buy out (per child) for your volunteer time.   
The schedule for the concession stand will be: C squad will work D squad’s game, D squad will work C squad’s game, B squad will work A squad’s game & A squad will work B squad’s game.  If everyone pitches in, we are sure to have a great year.  We take pride in our organization and with the help of all we will continue to show just how great the WPTP Junior Football League really is.

We are always looking for adult chaperones during our fund raising activities.  Please contact one of the 2016 
Executive Board members if you are interested in taking on a bigger role within our league.  No amount of time that you give is too little, we appreciate your willingness to help our league run as smoothly as possible!   With your help, we are sure it will be a great season!