Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kennedy a Chartered Little League?
Kennedy Little League has been a Chartered Little League for 35+ years. Kennedy is also a 501-c3, Non-profit corporation, registered with the State of Wisconsin. We are fully insured, and carry directors and coaches policies along with property and liability coverage. 

How many children does Kennedy Little League serve?
Last year Kennedy had about 700 players. We have served as many as 800.

I would like to be a coach, what do I do?
Please print off the coaches application form and fill it out and mail it back.

When does the season start and end?
Opening day for the regular season is mid April and the season will run into the first week of July. If your child is chosen to participate in one of our All-Star teams, then those teams will have tournaments and practices through the 2nd week of August. If not selected to an All-Star team we hope to have a Late-season baseball program that runs through August for those players wishing to participate.

What does the League provide?
Kennedy supplies the uniform shirt and hat. Players are required to provide their own pants, shoes and glove. If a player has his/her own bat that is Little League approved for that level of play that is fine as well.

What does it cost? Are scholarships available?
Costs depend upon the level of league play, please see the registration information. Scholarships for players are available. If you would like to apply for a scholarship please e-mail . Qualifications for scholarships are based upon participation in the school lunch program, and kept confidential.

How often do the kids practice?
That is up to each coach. Practices are encouraged before and during the season.

What night do they play?
That depends upon the league of play, see chart below. Sundays are not scheduled, they are left open in the event of rainouts.

Below are tentative days for the 2015 regular season
Scheduled Games Make up games?

Tee Ball

Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday 5/9 Sunday
Beginner Pitching Maching Monday, Wed, occassional Friday & Saturday Sunday
Minor Baseball Tuesday, Thursday, Fri & Saturday Sunday
Federal Baseball Tuesday, Wednesday & Saturday Sunday
Major Baseball Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday Sunday
Junior Baseball TBD & Saturday Sunday
Dixie (U8) Softball TBD Friday and Sunday
Pony (U10) Softball TBD Friday and Sunday
Major (U12) Softball TBD Friday and Sunday
Junior (U14) Softball TBD Friday and Sunday

Are games ever scheduled for Sunday?
Only in the event of rainouts are games scheduled for Sunday.

What if we have a family vacation planned?
Please go! This is a recreational activity, family vacations are more important.

Are there mandatory play requirements?
There is a minimum that each player who attends a game is required to play. At Kennedy, all players are put in the batting order and there is free substitution.

My child is playing another sport this summer too, can he/she play both?
Of course! We have many children who are involved in several different activities during the summer. We do want to remind parents that while it might be a good thing to keep your kids active in many different things, we also have to keep in mind that they need time to be a kid too!

What happens when they conflict?
Conflicts will occur when a child is participating in several different activities. When these occur you and your child must determine which to attend. Kennedy does not have a policy demanding attendance. A good rule of thumb is, contests come first, practices come second.

What do I have to do as a parent?
Kennedy Little League is a volunteer run organization and we need our parents to help. We particularly are always looking for those individuals who have a particular skill, like carpentry, electrician, plumber, heavy equipment operator, etc. If you have any of these specialties please contact Dave R at 608-215-2524.