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Please use the following 5-week program as a guide to get ready for preseason. Use it as a reference whether or not you are attending gut camp, field hockey camp or workout with teammates. Preseason workouts are optional, however you will be expected to be in shape at the start of preseason and fitness levels will be tested. We need to take the time during preseason concentrating on increasing fitness levels, teaching individual skills and team strategy. Being fit, hydrated, eating smart foods and being rested will help to prevent injury and promote dedication and commitment for a successful season.
Every workout should also include:
1) A light warm up: 5 minutes of jogging/walking & Stretching
2) Cool Down: light jog or walk followed by stretching
3) Stick work and Ball Control - Please use proper techniques!
4) Schedule workout during the cooler parts of the day.
5) Work out with a buddy or under parental supervision for safety and motivation smiley
6)  Training  Calendar –  due on 8/25 at 8:00am
Week 1 Through Week 5:    
Day 1  Each Week:        JOG 15 minutes, add 5 minutes each week. You Should be able to jog 35 continuous minutes by the start of preseason.
Day 3 Each Week:         SPRINTS -     ARE AT FULL SPEED with a REST Period of 20-30 seconds in between each -   CHOOSE 1 from each column for a total of 3 sets:
                                    4 X 50 yards              5 X 25 yards               5 X 20 yards
                                    4 X 100 yards            5 X 30 yards              15 X 5 yards
                                    5 X 75 yards              8 X 16 yards              10 X 10 yards
Day 5 Each Week:        DISTANCE RUN -       CHOOSE 1:
                                    Timed Mile –               Log the time
                                    12 minute Run           Log the Distance 


CORE:                                      3 SETS OF 25 SITUPS AND 2 SETS OF 15 PUSHUPS
                                                 ADD 5 SITUPS AND 5 PUSHUPS EACH WEEK

DAY 2 & 4 AGILITIES:    Create your own pattern or use the ones below, with cones  in 10x10 or 10x15 yard area.   Important-  Add a Stick and A Ball to develop stickwork skills. 
WEEKS 1 AND 2:                   10 MINUTES TOTAL - Rest btwn

WEEKS 3 AND 4:                   15 MINUTES TOTAL - Rest btwn
WEEKS 5                               15 MINUTES TOTAL - Rest btwn

KPFH AGILITIES: HAVE FUN WITH THESE! Add a STICK AND A BALL to ANY agility pattern to work on your ball control skills - STAY LOWlaugh
Line Drills - 10 Yards
1. Start by sprinting from line A to line B at full speed. 
2. Touch line B with foot and sprint back to line A, then immediately back to line B (finish line). 
3. Variations of this drill can be done by incorporating back pedals, side shuffles, etc. 
Off Set Weave - Zig Zag Pattern with cone every 5 yards for a total of 15 yards
1. Start by sprinting to the first cone. 
2. With a quick change of direction, begin back pedaling to the next cone (and repeat). 
3. Concentrate on accelerating out of the corners. 
Z-Drill - Make the letter Z in a 5 yard by 5 yard pattern
1. Start by sprinting to the first cone at full speed. 
2. Then make a hard, sharp cut and sprint to the next cone, and then again to the last cone. 
3. Make sure to stay low and get your body "square" to the direction that you are running as quick as possible. 
4. Variations of this drill can be done by incorporating back pedals, side shuffles, etc. 
M Drill - Make the letter M in an 8 by 8 yard pattern
1. Start by sprinting to the first cone and then follow an "M" pattern to the finish line. 
2. Variations of this drill can be done by incorporating back pedals, side shuffles, etc. 
Figure 8 Drill - Make a Figure 8 in a 5 yard pattern
1. Face one direction at all times (keep the shoulders "square" to this point) and shuffle a through a figure 8 pattern. 
Pro-Agility Drill  - Total is 10 yards, with the mid line in the middle at the 5 yard mark
1. Start by straddling the mid line. 
2. Sprint hard to one side then all the way back to the far side and then finish by sprinting back to the middle. Touch each line as you cross