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Our Spring 2018 registration is still OPEN!  Many teams are full, but we do have some space available.  Please email us at before you register to make sure we have room for your son or daughter.


MSC's spring lacrosse programs are for both boys and girls in grades K through 8 and are open to any youth interested in playing lacrosse. Our programs are NOT restricted to CA students so please tell your friends from other schools!

Our current lineup for Spring Programs will include:

  • Developmental clinics for both boys and girls in K-2nd grade
  • If the demand is there we may also offer clinics for older youth interested in learning about the sport but not quite ready to play on one of our teams
  • Boys teams for Grades 1-8 (based on player interest)
  • Girls teams for Grades 2-8 (based on player interest)
  • Additional Clinics designed to develop both fundamental and position specific skills


The spring season begins in early March and lasts through the end of May

MSC plays in the AYL(boys) & CGLA (girls) against other clubs located throughout Colorado. Development clinics will meet 1 time per week throughout the spring and competitive/recreational Teams will play 8-10 games throughout the regular season with at least 2 practices per week.

The MSC will make every effort to cap lacrosse teams at 20 players; individuals may still register and be placed on a wait list. Once a team is full, the MSC will work actively to recruit enough players to create a second team. We cannot guarantee however, that we will be able to field more than one team at each grade level. The U12-U15 teams that have more than one team registered will have evaluations in order to place our players on the team that is most suited for him/her.

The CGLA (Girls) team placement is AGE BASED DIVISIONS consistent with US Lacrosse guidelines. Boys and Girls are no longer able to "play down" in a lower division for any reason. Players may still "play upone division with club approval. Eligibility is based on actual player age on 6/1 prior to the spring season. Typical grade level refers to the grade level most players are at this age.


* If your child is a 7th or 8th grader that attends Colorado Academy, please note that the MSC spring team is separate from the CA 7th and 8th grade teams. Our program is a club team, which offers students an additional opportunity to play lacrosse against other club teams outside of school. Colorado Academy students are required to participate on a CA Team. Involvement in the MSC does not preclude this requirement, and credit for a CA sports teams can not be fulfilled by participating in the MSC. We are fully supportive of the CA 7th and 8th grade teams, and hope students passionate about lacrosse will choose to participate in both programs. The MSC practice times and games do not interfere with the CA program.

Players must supply their own equipment.

  • Girls need a stick, cleats, goggles, and a mouth guard. (Mini's need all but the cleats which are optional)
  • Boys need a stick, helmet, shoulder pads, arm pads, gloves, and a mouth guard. A protective cup and rib pads are optional for boys, but highly recommended. (Minis need sticks, helmet. mouthguard, gloves)


Fees cover the cost for field rental, league fees, program equipment, official fees, coaching and administrative costs.  Refunds will be processed until March 1, less a $25 processing fee.  Case by case refunds thereafter.

In the registration process, you will be asked to verify if the players US Lacrosse membership is valid thru 6/30/2018 Membership renewal is integrated into this registration process and, if required, will cost an additional $30.

Scholarships based on need are available. Please contact us at   if you are interested in learning more about our scholarship program.

MSC accepts payment by credit card as part of the online registration process or checks. Please register online and if paying by check, send payment to the address below. 

Mustang Sports Club
4875 Bow Mar Drive
Littleton, CO 80123

For 2018 the cost for uniforms is NOT included in the registration fee.  Minis will not receive a uniforms.

If you have any questions, you can e-mail us at