The Mission of Navajo Girls Fastpitch is to provide a positive and safe environment for girls to participate in a friendly competition, develop athletic skills and build self-esteem while learning to play the game of fastpitch softball.
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  Navajo Girls' Fastpitch (NGF) and Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) have partnered to make NGF softball a positive experience for our young athletes; where life lessons are learned through winning and losing, on and off the field.
Coach Phil Jackson describes the PCA program here:  
Navajo Girls’ Fastpitch will strive for its leaders, coaches, and parents to further their knowledge about what it takes to create a positive, youth, sports culture where athletes thrive and develop a love of the game that lasts a lifetime.
The key themes of Positive Coaching are:
Honor the Game
To model and teach athletes to Honor the Game by setting high standards and demonstrating respect for rules, opponents, officials, teammates, and 
one's self.
Redefine "Winner"-
To help players redefine what it means to be a "winner" by 
focusing on mastery of a skill rather than solely on the scoreboard.
“ELM” Tree of Mastery –
"E" equals Effort, "L" represents the importance of 
Learning, and "M" means bouncing back from Mistakes. Athletes that pursue a 
mastery of their sport are those who give 100% effort at every practice and game.

Navajo Girls’ Fastpitch and Positice Coaching Alliance will expand upon these principles and will provide training and tools that coaches and parents can utilize to promote a softball culture where
everyone Honors the Game!

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