H3- Honor, Hustle, Humility

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A description of each volunteer position is listed below.  
No Lacrosse experience necessary. Volunteers will help train you for any position you may be interested in.
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Team Positions

Head Coach - be responsible to attend all coaches meetings and practices and games; coordinate practice time and provide lacrosse knowledge and instruction; demonstrate good sportsmanship, integrity and good character; clearly communicate with your players, parents and team, division and league officials; be fair and objective. All first year coaches are required to be an assistant coach for one year.

Assistant Coach - aid and support the head coach and all of his/her responsibilities as coach.

Team Parent – help coaches as needed with roster, schedules, organize snack, end of season party, etc.  There will be two team parents per team.

Equipment & Uniform Coordinator - Helping coordinate & distribute team uniform & equipment/gear check in/out. Communicate with Leauge Equipment/Uniform Manager.

Trophy Coordinator - coordinate picking up the trophies from the league and delivering them to the team coach for distribtution to the players.

Field Lining and Set up– make sure field is lined, cones are put out, goals are put out (or taken in if the last game of the day) and makes sure the nets are in good repair.

Stats Keeper – keep score of the game, including recording goals, assists, ground balls, penalties and if a goalie is used - saves.

Time Keeper - help keep the time for the game denoting time of goal to Stats Keeper. 

Team Communications - helps the Coach communicate all news and information about the league and the team to Team Members

League Positions

Fundraising - Coordinate fund raising activities for the league with outside individuals, organizations and league board members.

Fields - Responsible for finding field space, negotiating for field space and coordinating scheduling of field space with game scheduler and coordinating with Team Field Reps to ensure fields are properly set up before each game and taken down after the final game of the day.

Game Scheduling - Responsible for coordinating game schedules with divisions, teams and fields. Making sure that the results of each game (win, loss and stats) are reported on the website by communicating with the Team Stat Keeper

Equipment and Uniforms - Responsible for ordering and coordinating all equipment & uniform orders and distribution between the league and the Team Equipment Coordinator, interfacing with Finance, to distribute and collect all equipment.

Awards and Pictures - Responsible for ordering and coordinating distribution of all awards between league and the team representatives.

Communications - Responsible for communicating all news and information about the league and the teams to out side organizations including news organizations and the media and our web site.  
Web Master - Responsible for all input on the web site, keeping the web site current, explaining to division heads and team representatives how to use the site and making sure that results are posted.