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Spring 2018 Season Boys High School Rules

Game play is regulated by NFHS Boys Lacrosse Rules (JV games are 10 min. start/stop)
For a full list of NFHS 2017 Boys Lacrosse Rule updates, click here



  • There will be new stick dimensions for the 2018 season.
  • Click HERE for the following image for the new dimensions 

Highlights of student-athlete eligibility requirements:

  • Be a high school student in good standing with their school 
  • Be enrolled in up to the last 8 consecutive semesters of HS (5th yr HS students enrolled Spring 2012 or earlier are not eligible)
  • Be 18 years or younger on August 1 immediately prior to start of school year
  • Be academically eligible (e.g. passed five classes the previous semester and proof of eligibility required)
  • Be a US Lacrosse member
  • Have a physician-signed HRLax Medical Release Form on file with team

Highlights of the public school lacrosse program league membership requirements:

  • Operates under school AD oversight or, if no support from school, under the oversight of the program’s Board of Directors (BoD)
  • Coaches are selected by the program BoD and must meet the league eligibility and education requirements.
  • Adhere to the league’s rules including: Safety, Sportsmanship, and Contest Limitation.


       For Player & team eligibility, scholarship, sportsmanship and oversight adapted from VHSLClick here


Program Manager/Administrator Responsibilites

Boys HS Season Policies 

2016 Boys HS Pre-season Meeting

HRLax League Health, Safety, and Sportsmanship Policies and Documents

Which team?

A player will play for the team serving the high school they attend.

  • “My school doesn’t have a lacrosse team, what now?”
    • If your school does not yet have a lacrosse team, the HRLax league has a cross-zone policy so that most high school players have an opportunity to be part of a team. However, zoning may change from year to year (subject to the requirements of the area teams) so players attending a school without a lacrosse team might possibly be moved to a different team in subsequent seasons.
      Click here to see current Player Assignment Policy

  • “I’d like to start a lacrosse team for my school…what is needed?”
    • You’ll need at least 16 committed players with adult support, an adult coach who can/will meet the HRLax League requirements, an active booster group willing to help raise money for uniforms, a coach stipend, and other team equipment (Virginia non-stock corporation and IRS 501.c.3 tax exempt status to assist with fundraising efforts), and either the school’s support for administrative oversight or a program governance board appointed Program Manager.  (For new teams: A minimum of 16 players and a head coach must be registered with HRLax for the Spring season by December 1.)
    • When you have some/most of the people lined up, or would like some advice, contact the following league personnel (prior to Oct 1 to participate in the upcoming Spring season) or complete and submit the BHS New Club Application:
      • League Opns -
  • "My school can’t or won’t support a lacrosse team, what now?"
    • With budget cuts affecting so many school programs, many public schools aren’t in the position to support another athletic team.  Money and time are big factors: money for insurance, equipment, coach stipends, etc., and school personnel are often already over-tasked with current duties.  HRLax recognizes these constraints and therefore the league is open to membership for teams/programs with or without school administration support.  For those programs without school support, the parents select a governance board to provide oversight, hire a coach, and appoint a Program Administrator to act in lieu of an Athletic Director for the team.
  • "I would like to ask for a waiver to a rule or policy, is that possible?"
    • Yes a waiver may be requested for some rules.  Occasionally the rules don’t take into account a particular circumstance.  Waiver requests will be considered only if 1) unique circumstances apply, 2) if not granting a waiver would pose a significant hardship*, 3) if granting a waiver would not adversely affect others, and 4) granting the waiver would not set an undesirable precedent.  All rule or policy waiver requests must be submitted in writing to the , who will then review the request and decide whether the request should be considered.  If the BHS Commissioner decides the request has merit, the request will be reviewed by the BHS Policy Committee.  The Policy committee will consider the request and provide a recommendation to the Commissioner.  The Commissioner’s decision shall be final.  Appeals to the HRLax League Board of Directors will only be considered if a misapplication of division rules can be demonstrated.

      Rules that won’t be waived:

      - Rule 1 and 3 from the Player Assignment Policy
      *Hardship is different than lack of convenience.  Not being able to carpool to practice is a lack of convenience; travel to practice more than 30 miles each way could be considered a hardship.

    • Waiver for 8th grade rule -  Provided the team for which the 8th grader is zoned has a JV team AND has a policy that allows 8th graders to join the team: then 1) over-age 8th graders (older than 13 on August 31 of 8th grade year) may request from the JV team Coach permission to be placed on the team.  2) 8th graders who are age 13 on Sept 1 of their 8th grade year may enter into the Athletic Placement Process to determine their readiness to be placed on a JV team.


Goalkeeper movement between JV and Varsity rosters
State High School Club Tournament Qualification

Goalkeeper movement between JV and Varsity rosters:

A Varsity Goalkeeper is allowed to suit up and be on the sideline during a JV game

  • In the event that the JV goalkeeper is injured or gets a penalty, the Varsity goalkeeper may play in the game.
  • When the JV goalkeeper can go back in the game (i.e., the penalty time has been served or the JV goalkeeper has recovered from his injury), the Varsity goalkeeper must go back to the sidelines.
  • If the JV goalkeeper gets a season-ending injury, the Varsity goalkeeper may finish that JV game plus the next. A new JV goalkeeper will need to be trained and play beginning with the following game.

A JV goalkeeper can suit up and be on the sideline during a Varsity game.

  • In the event that the Varsity goalkeeper is injured or gets a penalty, the JV goalkeeper may play in the game.
  • When the Varsity goalkeeper can go back in the game (i.e., the penalty time has been served or the Varsity goalkeeper has recovered from his injury), the JV goalkeeper must go back to the sidelines.
  • If the Varsity goalkeeper gets a season-ending injury, the JV goalkeeper may finish that Varsity game plus the next and play in JV games during that period. If the JV goalkeeper becomes the new Varsity goalkeeper, a new JV goalkeeper will need to be trained and play beginning with the following JV game. If another player is named the Varsity goalkeeper, the JV goalkeeper can continue as JV.

State High School Club Tournament Qualification

The HRLax High School Club Lacrosse League will send two Boys High School Club Varsity Teams to the 2017 Virginia High School Club Lacrosse Championship Tournament.

Teams attending:
1. The Hampton Roads Lacrosse HS Regional Tournament Champion
2. The Hampton Roads Lacrosse HS Tournament Runner-up

Questions? Please contact the Boys HS Commissioner and Operator, AJ Smith,