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High School Federation Rules (www.nfhs.org), except we will not use a 30-second shot clock.

22-minute running-clock halves:  Stop-clock the last 2 min of the 2nd half only. Running clock if a team leads by 20 pts or more.

Back-court: Teams have 10 seconds to get the ball past mid-court or they will receive a 10-second violation.

Timeouts: Three 1-min time outs per game. Time outs do not carry over to overtime (OT) - see OT rules.

Halftime: 4-min halftime break.

Full-court press:

· 4th-5th grade: No full-court press at any time. No half-court pressing or half-court trapping at any time.

· 6th-8th grade: Full-court press allowed by a team unless they have a lead of 20 or more pts, in which case full-court press is not allowed. They may resume full-court press when their lead is reduced to 15 or fewer pts. Half-court pressing or half-court trapping is allowed at all times.

Zone defense and Double-teaming

· 4th-5th grade: Zone defense is not allowed. Defenders must be within 6 ft. of the player they’re guarding when inside the 3-point arc. Double-teaming is not allowed. Temporary help defense is allowed but not if it results in double-teaming.

· 6th-8th grade: Zone defense and double-teaming is allowed without restriction.

Personal fouls: A player fouls out after five personal fouls. Technical, intentional or flagrant fouls count as a personal foul. 

Technical and flagrant fouls: Technical and flagrant fouls result in 2 points for the opponent of the penalized team plus the ball out of bounds. Any player receiving 2 such fouls in a game will be ejected from the game and ineligible for the remainder of the tournament.

Overtime (OT)

The OT period will be 2-minute stop-clock. If required, the second OT period will be sudden death (first team to score wins) except for Semi-final and Championship games, for which the standard 2-minute stop-clock OT format will be repeated until there is a winner.

Each team gets one 1-minute time-out in the first OT period and no time-outs in the second OT period except for Semi-final and Championship games where each team gets one time out per OT period. Time-outs from regulation do not carry over to OT.

Initial possession in each OT period will be determined by a jump ball and the possession arrow resets.

Bracket Seeding

Tournament begins with pool play and moves on to championship bracket play based on win/loss record, then on points earned during pool play:

· 2 pts for each win by 15 points or more.

· 1 pt for each win by 14 points or less (a win by forfeit = 1 point).

· 0 pts for a loss.

Tie-breakers are as follows and in this order: 

1. Head-to-head record

2. Point differential (max. 15 per game)

3. Total points allowed

4. Total points scored

5. Coin flip (by tournament director with team representatives present)

Player Eligibility and AAU membership

This is an AAU tournament which means all players and coaches must be active AAU card-carrying members. AAU card numbers must be submitted with the roster for all participating coaches and players. SBSG may choose to verify AAU membership; rule violations may result in the player or coach being deemed ineligible and games played resulting in forfeit.

Players may play on only one team during the tournament unless an exception is granted by the tournament director prior to the beginning of play. In the event of a dispute, the first team the player played on in the tournament will be the only team she may continue playing on for the duration of the tournament. If a player is allowed to play on more than one team by exception, she is limited to playing only up to 4 quarters per round of play (High School Federation rules).