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Sunday Morning Basketball
Winter Program
Boys and Girls Grades 2-11
Skills Drills, Team Skills, Team Practices, 3vs3 and 5vs5, and Shooting Contests.
Be the best shooter on the team.
Free for Fairfax County residents (who have registered on line).
Luther Jackson Middle School
3020 Gallows Road, Merrifield VA 22042
Gym 2  (in main door, to the left down the hall.)
Only Water. No food, no coffee, no drink.
This week’s Schedule
No Schedule this season - join us again Next Winter!
Practice success
--Wear a white t-shirt and dark shorts. No red.
--Clean Indoor Basketball shoes; put on in the gym.
--mouth guard (optional for now).
--dry socks and shoes for after practice
What to bring
--2 equally sized indoor basketballs, properly inflated, labeled with your name.
   All Girls           = 27in or 28.5in ball
  Boys Grades 2-5   = 27in or 28.5in ball
  Boys Grades 6-11 = 29in ball
--Only Water. No food, coffee, or drink.
Bring your friends, but have them register first!

Hot Line 703-641-5715