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The Pineville Community Athletic Association (PCAA) proudly serves the communities in and around Pineville by offering quality athletics at a fair and reasonable price.   All Board Members, Officers, Coaches, and Committee Members are volunteers that offer their time for the betterment of the community and our athletic association.  Currently, PCAA offers T-Ball, Softball and Baseball in the spring and fall. 

One of the many ways our association serves the community is through providing financial assistance to the families in need.  While we would like to provide financial assistance to every family in need, our resources are limited.   Therefore, the Board has set forth the following guidelines for those families interested in applying for assistance:




  1. Guardian must be unemployed, Single Parent or have three or more kids playing baseball/softball/t-ball at PCAA
  2. Must pay 35% off Division Fee
  3. Must pay $35.00 Family Fee
  4. Cash Only – No checks will be accepted
  5. Money must be paid at time of registration – There will be no payment arrangements
  6. No Late Registration will be accepted
  7. Work 6 hours volunteering on our Grounds Crew, Spring Fling Committee, Registration Committee, or other such tasks as approved by the PCAA Board. (This will be monitored) If you do not work your full 6 hours, you will be ineligible for FA the next season (6 hours per child).