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Cooper City Optimist Cobra Soccer
5v5 Rules

1.OBJECTIVE: To promote more players involvement, to develop skills and mostly to have fun.
2. TEAM ELIGIBILITY: Open to teams with properly registered players. Coach may put together his/her own team.
3. PLAYER ELIGIBILITY: In no event, will a player, who has not been registered with the Cooper City Optimist, be allowed to participate. Players may not play on teams not assigned to. Once a team roster has been filled, no substitutions to the roster will be allowed. 
No exceptions.

1) Playing field: Approximately 40 yards (length) by 25 yards (width).
2) Goals: 4 feet high by 6 feet wide.
3) 10 feet arc in front of goal area. No one is allowed to touch the ball inside the arc.
1) Maximum of 8 players on roster. Some exeptions might be made by the soccer board.
2) 5 players on the field. Minimum of 4 players on field to start the game.
3) Unlimited substitution at any stoppage of play (i.e. goal kick, ball out of play).
6. GAME LENGTH: Each game will consist of two 20-minute halves with the teams changing ends at halftime. There will be a 5-minute break at halftime.
7. BALL SIZE: Under 8-Size 3; Under 12-Size 4; Over 12-Size 5.
1) All players must wear t-shirt provided.
2) T shirts can not be altered or deface.
3) Swapping T shirts between players is not allowed.
4) All players must wear appropriate shin guards.
5) Players violating these rules will not be allowed to participate in game.
9. REFEREES: Only one referee assigned. The referee shall have the authority to remove a player from a game for serious foul play. Yellow and red cards will be given for appropriate violations. The decisions of the field referees shall be final. There will be no protests.
10. START OF PLAY: All kick-offs shall be indirect in any direction.
11. BALL IN AND OUT OF PLAY: No throw ins. Kick ins made with ball on the line.
12. METHOD OF SCORING: Goals scored only on offensive side of field.
13. OFFSIDES: No offside.
14. PASS VIOLATION: Ball cannot cross the halfway line in the air from goal kick by any player. Violation will be an indirect free kick from the midfield by opponent. The ball may bounce or roll across the halfway line. This will promote passing and not long kicks.
1) All free kicks shall be indirect except for a foul by touching the ball in the arc area, which will result in a penalty kick.
2) No defender shall be closer than 10 feet from the ball.
1) No slide tackles. Punished by a yellow card.
2) Players cannot touch ball inside the arc area. Penalty kick will be awarded to other team.
3) Player who deliberately handles the ball inside the arc, not allowing the ball to go in the goal will receive a yellow card. Second offense in the same game will result in a red card and ejected from the game and player will not play in the next game. Goal will be allowed by the referee.
17. RESTARTS:  All restarts (kick-off, goal kick, corner kick, kick-in) shall be indirect.
1) The penalty shot shall be taken at midfield. It is the only direct kick.
2) All players must be behind midfield line.
3) No player can move until ball is kicked.
4) Player may redirect ball before entering the arc area.
19. THROW-IN: The ball will not be thrown in but kicked in play from the line, with no defender closer than 10 feet.
1)When the ball crosses the goal line (outside the goal), after last being touched by a player of the attacking team, it is put into play by any player with a normal goal kick.
2) If the ball stops in the 10 feet arc area a goal kick is taken.
3) Goal kicks are taken from inside the arc area.
1) No goal keeping.
2) No goal tending.
3) Deliberate own goals will not count.
4) Once a team goes ahead by 3 goals, the losing team must add an additional player. This player can guard the goal and is allowed in the 10 feet arc. This player can not use their hands and will wear a pinnie to be identified. This player can also play the field as well until the score is tied. When score is tied, a player from that team must come off the field. Both teams will then play with five (5) players.
22. DISCIPLINE: The Cooper City Optimist Soccer Board shall have a Disciplinary Committee. The Cooper City Optimist Soccer Board will review and rule on all reports of unacceptable conduct by players. Not withstanding any rulings of this committee:
1) A player ejected will have an automatic one-game suspension (minimum) regardless of the cause of ejection.
2) Depending on the severity of the unacceptable conduct, the Cooper City Optimist Soccer Board may recommend indefinite suspension.
1) No standings will be kept during season.
2) There will be no overtime games.
24. EXTERNAL CONDITIONS, WEATHER ETC.: In the event unusual conditions necessitate the rescheduling, curtailment, or cancellation of games, the Cooper City Optimist Soccer Board shall have absolute authority to make these changes or cancellations in order to best serve the interests of the players and their safety.
25. PLAYOFFS: No playoffs.