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All teams from U8 to Seniors will participate in the playoffs.
Regular season rules apply.
ALL players MUST PLAY.

Double game elimination tournament:

Tournament is broken into two sets of brackets, the Red Bracket and Black Bracket. After the first round, the winners proceed into the Red Bracket and the losers proceed into the Black Bracket. The winner of both Red Bracket and Black Bracket will meet in the championship game.

Games cannot end in a tie:

  1. Two (2) 5 minute overtime- any player from the field can start as GK in OT and will finish the game as goal keeper including PK's. If a team scores, the game is over. If the first overtime ends in a tie, then a second overtime will be played. The team that scores first in the second overtime wins the match (Golden Goal Rule). If the second overtime ends in a tie, game will be decided with penalty kicks by both teams.
  2. Five (5) players selected by the coach from each team. Players must be on the field at the end of overtime. Alternate players taking shots on goal from the penalty spot. Only players taking PK’s should be on the field. (Goal Keepers may kick at any place in this order). The best of 5 shots wins the game.
  3. If after the first five (5) players have taken their shot on goal and the score is still tied, each team will alternate players taking an additional kick until the match is decided. No player may kick a second time until all players from their team have had an opportunity to kick. (Goal Keepers included).

Teams shall stay at the center of the field while either team is taking a shot. PLAYERS WILL REMAIN QUIET. If a player at the center of the field shouts out or intentionally causes a distraction, that team will automatically forfeit the game!!! This will be left to the discretion of the referee.


There are open dates/times during the week that the teams moving forward can practice on a first come first serve basis, unless these dates are needed for rain make-ups.
The City will turn on the lights at 5:45pm for those practices.  But if no one shows up by 6:15pm on a field, the park attendants will turn off the lights.  Then at 7:15pm the lights will turn back on the fields for the 7:30pm practice time.  If no one shows up by 7:45pm on a field, the park attendants turn off the lights.

Championship Game:

The winner of the Red Bracket and the winner of the Black Bracket in their respective division will play each other for the 2015-2016 CCO – Soccer Fest Championship on Saturday, February 6TH. This game cannot end as a tie and the same tiebreaker format will be used.


All players will be awarded a participation trophy.
Teams ending with the best record in their division will receive a First Place Division trophy instead.
Tournament trophies will be awarded to champions and finalist at Soccer Fest. 
Important Note:

CCO expects ALL PLAYERS and COACHES to display GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP at all times. CCO has the right to disqualify any team, and suspend any coach or player if proper sportsmanship is not shown.

Regardless of the outcome of the playoff, all are considered winners at COOPER CITY OPTIMIST SOCCER.