To support the sport of Girls and Boys lacrosse in the Hopkins School district.

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The following policy applies to all participants in any Hopkins Lacrosse Activity, this includes all players, parents/guardians, spectators and coaches.

Please consider participation in any Hopkins Lacrosse Association event as a privilege.  Anyone not conducting themselves properly will be subject to disciplinary action agreed upon by the Board.

Unsportsmanlike, abusive or violent conduct will not be tolerated.  This conduct includes (but is not limited to):
     1: Use of threatening, derogatory, obscene or profane language
     2: Verbal abuse or threats towards anyone (player, coach, parent, referees)
     3: Physical abuse or violence towards anyone (even if you didn't "start it")
     4: Uncontrolled behavior, retaliation, failure to remain in bench are after ejection from a game
     5: Throwing objects at anyone
     6: Entering the field of play to argue with officials or the opposing team

Disciplinary action, depending on seriousness, may include:
     1: A verbal warning
     2: A written warning
     3: Immediate removal from event
     4: Removal from future events
     5: Permanent suspension (may not reapply for programs for 1 year)
     6: Egregious abuses will end in immediate removal from any event

Thank you for conducing yourselves in a professional and sportsmanlike manner, always!  Honor the game!