To cultivate and field the very best baseball talent available at Northview High School.

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  • Please arrive 30 minutes prior to game time.
  • Get key from behind safe (in cupboard under sink).  Use key to open lock on outside propane tank. Use combinations provided to open refrigerator locks. Money pouch is in bottom of refrigerator.  Please count money and record on ledger in money pouch.
  • Fill the coffee pot with water and turn on (for hot chocolate).  Make individual cups and use a plastic spoon or stirrer to mix. (Cold weather only).
  • Turn on warming oven per directions on door.  Turn to setting 6.  Place water in warming unit.  The oven will be used for keeping hamburgers and hotdogs warm and moist.
  • GRILL - propane tanks are locked outside of the concession stand in a propane cage; you will need to install on the grill. Spray the grill with cooking spray.  Hamburgers are in freezer and hot dogs are in refrigerator.  Aluminum foil should be used to line the grill tray underneath the tray itself.  Grill according to grilling instructions (attached to grill).  The lighter, utensils, and cooking spray are located with the grill.  Use plastic gloves to handle food.
  • Please start with around 5 hamburgers and 5 hotdogs.  Add more food to the grill as items sell.
  • Set up tables and chairs outside the concession stand.  Place price list on table.
  • (Optional)  So you won’t have to go back and forth as much, fill large cooler with a selection of beverages, and place out behind table for easy access.
  • On one table, place one of each beverage on table for display.  Place other various items on table.  If it is warm outside, you may want to just display one (each) of the chocolate items.
  • Place condiments and napkins out on the other table.  Put buns, cheese, and foil sheets next to the grill.
  • Place spirit wear/decals/magnets out on table.  (Box is usually on floor by the refrigerator).  Please put money in envelope and record any items sold on this envelope.  The price list for these items is in the box.  Checks should be made out to NTBF.  
  • Licorice will be be on hand to give to any one who retrieves a foul ball FREE OF CHARGE!



  • Turn off the coffee pot.  Turn off the Warming oven.
  • During the last two innings, begin putting drinks, candy and condiments/cheese away.  Clean up where necessary using cleaners under the sink.
  • PLEASE TURN OFF GAS ON PROPANE TANK.  The propane tank needs to be removed from the grill and placed back into the propane cage and locked. Use the grill brush to clean the grill.
  • Fold up tables, chairs, etc, and place back in concession stand.
  • Please clean counters and be sure that any trash around the concession stand is cleaned up.
  • Count money and record amount on ledger in pouch.  Put window decal/spirit wear envelope with money.  Lock up money pouch in refrigerator and place key in cup behind the safe.
  • Make sure there are hot dogs (from freezer) in refrigerator for the next game.
  • Please write down (or email Nancy Williams at if any items are in short supply.

Thank you for all of your help! 


Concession Duty (Varsity) *Please arrive 30 minutes prior to game time for set up

Opponent             Date      Location     Game Time      Volunteer #1            Volunteer #2

Roswell                       2/15    Home              5:55pm      Ryan                         Ryan Rainout, to be resched

White County              2/18    Home              12:00pm     Chuo                         Chuo

Norcross                      2/18    Home              5:00pm      Nachazel                 Whitman

North Forsyth              2/25    Home              12:00pm     Blake                       Blake

North Forsyth vs

Sequoyah                    2/25    Home              2:30pm       Dower                        Cheney

Sequoyah                    2/25    Home              5:00pm       McLaughlin             Booth

Duluth                        2/27     Home              5:55pm      Cheney                      Sell

Cambridge                  3/6      Home              5:55pm       Williams                    Thomas

Johns Creek                 3/10    Home              5:55pm       Chapa                     Jane Wilson Game moved to JCHS

Pope                            3/22    Home              5:55pm       Bolton                    Bolton

Chattahoochee            3/24    Home              5:55pm        Cistulli                    Suzuki-Williams

Alpharetta                   3/29    Home              5:55pm        Chapa                      TBD

Johns Creek                3/31    Home              5:55pm        Trautwein              Lowenthal

North Atlanta              4/10    Home              5:55pm         Poteet                       TBD

Dunwoody                   4/12    Home              5:55pm        Pacifico                     Hamill

Mt. Pisgah (Sr. Night)   4/14    Home              5:55pm        A. George                  Dower

Centennial                   4/17    Home              5:55pm       Kate Wilson               Chapa

 Concession Duty (JV) *Please arrive 30 minutes prior to game time for set up

Opponent           Date      Location    Game Time           Volunteer #1             Volunteer #2


Johns Creek(Freshman) 2/28   Home              5:00pm        Braynard                  Katy Smith

Alpharetta                   3/8      Home              5:55pm        Palefsky                   Chuck Smith

Chattahoochee            3/9     Home                5:55pm        Baylor                        Frecia Eanes

South Forsyth              3/14    Home              5:55pm        Carter                      Kate Wilson  

North Atlanta              3/18    Home              12:00pm        Poteet                        Baylor

North Atlanta              3/18    Home              2:30pm          Izzi                            Yennam

Centennial                   3/20    Home              5:55pm         Eanes                        Eanes

Cambridge                  3/27      Home              5:55pm       Shriner                    Dan Lark                  

Mt. Pisgah                   4/13    Home              5:55pm          Hendricks                  Booth

Johns Creek (DH)        4/18    Home              5:00pm         Suzuki-Williams       Suzuki-Williams 

                                            Home              7:00pm         Kim                              Ryan