LBL was founded in 1993 to promote the sport of Lacrosse in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The organization strives to emphasize the development of boy and girl lacrosse players, emphasizing teamwork, sportsmanship, respect, and discipline.

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There are several procedures you will need to follow to make sure all goes smoothly with your games:
  1. For HOME games, confirm ref scheduling through Arbiter several days before
  2. For HOME games, confirm with your scheduled refs the day before
  3. confirm with your opposing coach no later than the day before
  4. pay the refs before your game begins
  5. report scores after the game (7th/8th A only)
  6. if your game is cancelled for any reason, follow game cancellation procedures
You can decide who on your team (head coach, assistant coach or team parent) is responsible for each task below:

A Few Days Before
A few days before an upcoming game, you should log in to Arbiter ( email address: , password lowerbucks).  Click on the schedule tab at the top, and then look down the list of teams to find yours. (For some reason, 3rd/4th home round robins may be listed under Middletown Community Park instead.)

Next, click on the number listed in the "Games" column, which will then list each game on your schedule.  Go to the "Slots" column, and click on the numbers listed for your game.  You can easily see whether refs are scheduled for your game.  In the example below, the 3/24 games shows "2/2" refs scheduled.  The next two games show "0/2", which means no refs are yet scheduled.

If refs are not yet scheduled, keep checking back.  If you find you do not have refs scheduled by Friday morning for a Saturday a.m. game, please contact and copy me.

24 Hours Before
  1. For HOME games, assuming your refs are scheduled, you must contact your refs by phone to confirm the date time and location of the game.  The game schedule shows the names of the refs scheduled for your game.

By clicking on the name of each ref, a contact screen will pop up.  You can then use this info to contact your ref by phone.

2.  FOR ALL GAMES you must also contact the opposing coach to confirm the game time and location.  Pleae refer to the latest PAGLA coaches directory, posted in this section of the website, for coaches contact information.

Day of Game
We have found it best to have team parents handle ref fee payments, as usually coaches are busy with other pre-game preparation, and don't really have the time to focus on ref payments.  Team parents, your coach will be providing you with a ref fee envelope with which to pay the referees.  The appropriate payment amount is listed on the envelope.  Please remove the proper payment, hand it to the ref(s) and ask the ref(s) to sign the envelope in the spot indicated for this particular game.  The signatures are REALLY important, so please be sure you obtain them.   You should handle ref fee payments and signatures BEFORE THE GAME BEGINS. 

After the Game
For 7th/8th A you must report your score by e-mail to Lisa Guyer at .  Please provide your team name, date, time, location and opponent, as well as score.

In The Event of Cancellation
In the event a HOME game is cancelled for any reason, it is the HOME COACHES responsibility to contact the officials listed for your game USING THEIR CELL PHONE CONTACT INFO (if the cancellation takes place earlier in the week, send an e-mail as well, but the primary contact should be by cell phone).  IF OUR FIELDS ARE CLOSED, OR IF THE OPPOSING TEAM CANCELS, FOR EXAMPLE, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR CONTACTING THE OFFICIALS LISTED FOR YOUR GAME.  

You can get their cell phone contact info by clicking on their name in the Arbiter schedule.

Please e-mail me to confirm you have contacted your officials, spoke to them or left a message, etc., and copy as well.  We have had instances in the past where officials have insisted they never heard from a coach regarding a game cancellation, when, in fact, they had been contacted.
There are instances where a ref must be compensated in the event of game cancellation:
  • If a game is cancelled after an official has departed for the game, but before the game has begun, the official should be paid a half game fee.
  • When a game is cancelled at any point after a game has been started, the officials should be paid the full game fee.