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The Philosophy of the "Aspetuck System"

As a youth football organization, our main emphasis should always be on the fundamentals first. In terms of offense, this relates to: stance; blocking; handing the ball off (or tossing); running with the ball; faking; passing; and catching. All of these are important for an offense to be successful and has to be reinforced at each practice.

Some Key Points to our Offensive System:

  1. We want to run the ball using power and deception. We will accomplish this by mastering three base plays that will allow us to branch out to other plays that feed off of the base system
  2. We will use misdirection, play action passing and a perimeter passing game to attack defenses that over pursue or over defend our base offense
  3. Keep our system simple and try to paint a mental picture for our players to follow as we teach each formation, scheme, and play to them.

The Base Offense:

  1. Our offense is based on three base plays from which we derive our complete offensive playbook - the Super Power, the Wedge, and the Counter ("Kriss-Kross"). We will use utilize variances from these core plays to counter the defensive reaction
  2. The Super Power is our power play at the edge of the offense or the classic off tackle hole. We have several ways to adapt this play to the defense that is being run at us and this allows us to run our base offense even while the defense adjusts to stop it
  3. The Wedge is our power play at the center of the offense. It is a simple teamwork play where our line works as one unit driving one or two guys off the ball as the fullback gets in behind the wedge. The Wedge provides you with the ability to settle your offense and drive down the field as they gain confidence in themselves if something goes wrong or you need to calm the team down
  4. The Counter ("Kriss-Kross") play is our main misdirection play against the defense when they start to over react to the super power or wedge
  5. The double wing uses all of these approaches to create an offense that couples power, misdirection, and a good play-action passing game into one system that creates as much confusion in the defensive backfield as possible. The play action pass must be off actions that the defense has seen a lot and that you were successful at. So we use actions off the wedge, super power, and counter to force the defense to defend the run as we pass. This reduces the pressure on the passer and receiver and allows us the cushion we need to succeed at completing the passes we throw.

Offensive Goal for Success:

  1. Our main goal is to control the ball and control the clock while scoring more points than the opposition. Scoring a touchdown in one or two plays is a great outcome, but should not be a goal. We want to push the ball down the field while running the clock out and wearing the defense out. This doesn’t mean that we will not score from anywhere on the field if the opportunity presents itself, but we want to simply maximize the amount of time our offense is on the field. This gives us the best chance to win every game.
  2. We want to consider this offense a four down offense and in most situations we will gear our strategy towards the use of all four downs in achieving a first down and driving the ball down the field. Let’s keep our strategy simple … if we are having success running a play to a side we should keep running that play until the defense stops it.
Be Committed to the "System" !!