The Mahtomedi Lacrosse Club officially became the Mahtomedi Youth Lacrosse Association in 2008 continuing its volunteer support of High School and Middle School level Youth Lacrosse. In Spring, 2006, the Minnesota High School League voted in Boys Lacr

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Mahtomedi Boys High School  Lacrosse Summer Workout Program and Schedule

If you have not done so yet, please pick up the Offseason workout packet from your coaching staff.

One of the most important steps in your preparation for each lacrosse season is your time in the weight room. Strength and conditioning (especially lifting those legs!) can greatly improve your ability to out-run, out-shoot, and out-play your opponent.

Whether is the speed of your shot, ability to pick up a ground ball in a pile, or throw a 20 yard pass on a string, diligent and productive training can be a great asset to you.

Here are a few website links to some training articles pertaining to lacrosse.



Proficiency Right/Left Hand, passing, shooting, groundballs (5 Days per week)
Right Hand: (150 reps) Left Hand: (150reps)
Top hand only, Bottom hand only, Quick stick, 10 yard pass, 12 yard pass, Canadian Pass
Catch on left side roll to throw right, Catch on right side roll to throw, Up/Down wall lead passes
Behind the back, Around the world
Shooting: (200 Shots) R/L Handed OVERHAND
Bounce shots, Shooting on the run, Time and room (crow hop step), Quick stick shots
Split/Sweep Dodge shooting, Inside roll with fake, Question mark/Reverse question mark
2 Goal shooting, 10 yard shots, 12 yard shots, 4 Corners/Pipes
Groundballs: (200 GB’s)

The URL link belows provides video of the shooting drills the Varsity and JV HS team perform daily 



Stand about 5 yards away from the wall.
Ball should be thrown no more than a few feet above head level.
Drills should be done at a frantic pace.
All reps #’s are for each hand (R/L x 50 = 100 total reps)
Cinder block walls work great because one block will be in the ideal location for each of the following:

Catch and one cradle (R+L) x 50
Quick stick (catch and no cradle) (R+L) x 50
One hand quick stick (R+L) x 50
Cross-hand quick stick (R+L) x 50
(Stick in Rt. hand but catch and throw from L side of body)
Catch switch hands throw x 50
(Throw R, catch R, switch hands, throw L, catch L, switch hands)
--can also be performed with one hand catch and throw
Throw switch hands catch x 50
(Throw R, switch hands while ball is in air, catch L, throw L, switch hands, catch R)
--can also be performed with one hand catch and throw
Underhand (R+L) x 50
Behind the back (R+L) x 50
--perform high over the shoulder and low around the waist
--as skill increases perform catch and throw in one motion
Around-the-world (R+L) x 25-50
--as skill increases perform catch and throw in one motion
Select two variations from below to complete workout – each 50 x each hand hand

A few other variations:
o Throw normal, catch and throw cross handed, catch normal (same hand)
o Medium and long distance one hand throw – defense need to do this eventually – PENDING SPACE
o Move toward and away from wall during drill
o Move side to side during drill
o Throw; turn around, catch (R+L) (clockwise and counter)
o Cross-hand underhand (scoop pass)
o Cross-hand crossovers
o Underhand crossovers
o Throw across body (closed stance to wall)
o Throw against body (open stance to wall)
o Catch behind the head (R+L)
--throw from front and catch in back
--throw behind the back and catch behind the back
o Take time to do any other random and inventive things; if you find one that you like, add it to your

Any of the above can be, and eventually should be, performed with one hand also.

**ALWAYS stay light on your feet**
**ALWAYS move your body to catch the ball in the box or intended location**