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Stafford Lacrosse Association Girl's Program - 2018

Spring 2018 Registration Opening December 1st!!

There are several changes to SLA's spring 2018 offerings, so please read on.

First, SLA is adopting the recently developed Lacrosse Athlete Development Model (LADM) from U.S. Lacrosse, the national governing body for the sport.  The LADM emphasizes small sided instruction and games, resulting in more touches per athlete and greater opportunity to grow with the sport.  You can read more about LADM here.

In 2018, SLA will be offering both an expanded local recreational lacrosse program as well as more competitive league play through our continued membership in the Northern Virginia Youth Lacrosse League (NVYLL), one of the largest recreational youth lacrosse leagues in the country. 

LOCAL RECREATION OPTION - Features small-sided instruction and all games in Stafford and (possibly) Spotsylvania counties.  The Stafford Lacrosse Association girl's divisions and recreation season format will be the following depending on the number of registrants:

- Kindergarten to 2nd grade (GK2): 3 vs 3 or 4 vs 4, no goalies, 35-45 yd fields, soft balls, 4ft x 4ft goals, no draw, one pass required per possession in the offensive zone

- 3rd grade and 4th grade (G3/4): 8 vs 8 plus goalies, 35-45 yd fields, NOCSAE balls, U.S. Lacrosse spec sticks, eye wear OR headgear, draw, one pass required per possession in the offensive zone

- 5th grade and 6th grade (G5/6): 8 vs 8 plus goalie, 35-45 yd field, NOCSAE balls, U.S. Lacrosse spec sticks, eye wear OR headgear, draw, hold for possession in restraining box, one pass required per possession in the offensive zone

- 7th grade and 8th grade (G7/8): 12 vs 12 plus goalie, full field, NOCSAE balls, U.S. Lacrosse spec sticks, eye wear OR headgear, draw, hold for possession in restraining box, one pass required per possession in the offensive zone

All returning athletes will be assessed for NVYLL teams unless the member prefers the local rec option.

NVYLL OPTION - Participation on an NVYLL team will require the athlete to 'opt-in' to NVYLL during the registration process by selecting the "Interested in NVYLL" option.  The athlete will also be evaluated during pre-season skills assessments.  The number of NVYLL teams per division will be limited to the following:

- G3/4 – 1 NVYLL team

- G5/6 – 1 NVYLL team

- G7/8 – 2 NVYLL team

NVYLL games are played throughout Northern Virginia with roughly half of a team's season played at our home field, currently Stafford High School.    

It is SLA's intent to offer both local rec and NVYLL options at all age groups (except GK2 with no NVYLL option) in 2018, but overall registration numbers and player preference will determine the final shape of the offering at each age group.  If you have questions about the spring 2018 SLA offerings, please reach out to Girls Commissioner .

UNIFORMS Another change for 2018 is that members will order their uniforms directly during the registration process.  Upon successful completion of the registration, the link to our online store with the uniform supplier, Powell Lacrosse, will be contained in the confirmation email. 

  • NVYLL athletes are required to purchase both the reversible top as well as the uniform skorts. 
  • Local rec athletes are only required to purchase the reversible top; skorts are optional for local rec athletes. 
  • Sizing information will be available on the Powell Lacrosse SLA store website
  • Uniform numbers will be assigned by SLA based on availability; athletes do not get to choose their numbers. 
  • Uniforms will be shipped directly to each player once the overall SLA order has been confirmed and processed by Powell; uniforms will be received prior to first games
  • For 2018 only, SLA will buy back 8th graders' uniforms at a discounted price in June.  SLA will buy the entire kit (skort and jersey) for $31 and  $13 for the jersey

2018 Registration Fees: $75 (Local Rec);  $145 (NVYLL)    *Registration fees do not include uniforms  

Important Dates:
Pre-season Practice starts: 24 February (NVYLL assessments); 3 March (Local Rec first practice)

Kick-off Day - TBD (Early March)

Game Dates:
Games start - 25 March (NVYLL); 7 April (Local Rec)

In-season Practices:
Practices are conducted at parks and schools throughout the county...2018 locations TBD;

NVYLL teams practice up to three times per week, local rec teams will practice up to two times per week.

Players must provide their own equipment

REQUIRED EQUIPMENT (Items are mandatory to practice or play):

    1. Girl's or women's lacrosse stick

    2. Properly fitted mouth guard

    3. U.S. Lacrosse Approved Eyewear (this includes headgear with integrated eyewear)

    4. Girl's or women's lacrosse gloves (not mandatory)

    5. Stafford Lacrosse Association Uniform (game days)

GOALIE EQUIPMENT (Athletes must possess all the equipment listed above plus):

    1.    Throat Protector is required (SLA can loan)

    2.    Goalie Chest Pad (SLA can loan)

    3.    Goalie Stick (SLA can loan)

    4.    Shin Pads - Optional for G7/8.  Required for all other divisions.