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East Granby, CT

East Granby Little League Player Pool



Little League International understands some of the logistics associated with a small town.  Little League outlines and creates some Player Pool guidelines and rules for Little League organizations that may have a hard time fielding players for teams / games.  Based on EGLL’s understanding of the information listed in the 2017 Little League Rule book (page 36), here is the summary for how EGLL will run the Player Pool.  EGLL Player Pool rules will apply to both Baseball and Softball divisions.  Any differences will be noted.

Creation of Player Pool list

The player pool list will be derived from the Spring assessments that the players had, as well as coach recommendations. Players that were assessed with higher-level skills for their division (AA, AAA) will be placed on the Pool list for availability to play at the next higher division (AAA, Majors) with the player’s parent consent. 

The Player Agent will create a spreadsheet with the pool players that are available to play at the next higher level division. This spreadsheet will keep track of the players, which teams they play for and what dates. Players will be selected round robin, based on availability to play(cannot be called up if they have an existing game for that date) and parent consent.


AA Pool Player list -> Made up of Farm players (not being done)

AAA Pool Player list -> Made up of AA players eligible for AAA

Majors Pool Player list -> Made up of AAA players eligible for Majors

Juniors Pool Player list -> Made up of Majors players (not being done)

Process and Procedure for Manager to request a player from the Player Pool list

The requesting Manager will review the spreadsheet and see who is next available on the list for Pool play and contact the player’s parent for consent to play. The requesting manager will then notify the Player Agent with the available pool player. The Player Agent will then approve/disapprove the request. 

The Player Agent will then notify the Manager of the players’ regular season team to make them aware of this request. The Player Agent will then update the spreadsheet and send it out to all managers so that they will have the latest information for the next possible Pool Player request.


1)    The player selected from the Pool Play list will use his/her regular season team uniform.

2)    Cannot use a Pool Player who has a regular season game scheduled

a.       This is to ensure the Regular season manager has all players available for games

b.      To ensure that players maintain their All-Star eligibility (e.g. must play 60% of  

     regular season games).

3)   Pool Player CANNOT be used as a pitcher.

4)   Pool Player MUST play at least 9 defensive outs and bat once.

5)   All other Little League rules are in force. (e.g. if a player is called up, all players from the requesting Manager’s team must still have their minimal play accordingly to Little League rules).

 What parents should know

In addition to the above information, which the parents should review to understand the player’s rights and rules:

·        Parents and players have the right to decline being added to the Pool Player list.

·        Parents and players have the right to decline an invitation for Pool Play even if they elected to be on the Pool Play list

·As always, parent and players have the right to talk to the Player Agent about any concerns or questions they may have.

EGLL Board of Directors