The Hooksett Girls Softball League offers a dedicated atmosphere for young female athletes ages 4-16 to play and compete in the game of fast pitch softball in Hooksett, NH. Our league provides a community based youth sports organization that is committed

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Hooksett Girls Softball League 2018

Contact Information

Name/Postion Phone Number  Email
Bob Cunha - President: 603-396-5106
Garrett Chambers - Vice President: 603-759-1469
Deanna Cunha - Secretary: 603-351-8102
Jarid Bond - Treasurer: 603-289-9358
Jerry Hyde - Equipment Mgr: 603-289-4234
Natasha Hyde - Concession Mgr: 603-289-5233
Chad Alden - Webmaster: 603-540-5904
Michael St. Germain -Member at Large: 603-305-8461
Brenda Marcotte - Member at Large: 603-966-7658
Jeff Hamilton - Member at Large:             603-793-6982
Jim Rozzi- Member at Large: 603-552-7369
Heather Byrd - Member at Large: 603-486-9290
Mark Trumble - Public Relations:             603-315-7161