Golden Bear Lacrosse is a program for all levels of lacrosse players. Our coaching staff is dedicated to teaching lacrosse to all players and preparing our players to achieve their goals and ascend to the next level play they're capable of.

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The Golden Bear Lacrosse program has been developed to improve both the individual lacrosse player and Lacrosse in the 413 and surrounding areas. There are many different programs out there to choose from however, Golden Bear Lacrosse Camp has by far the best coaches in the area. Golden Bear's coaching staff consists of coaches from the following local Colleges and High Schools: Western New England University, Springfield College, AIC, Longmeadow High, Minnechaug High School, Pope Francis High School.

Our goal for the camp is to provide a fun/learning environment. We are committed to making sure the camper is learning the proper technique and fundamentals that they can build upon as they get older. In order to optimize the learning experience during each session there will be non-stop movement with quick breaks throughout; this will ensure that each player is getting a ton of reps during each drill we do. We will start with breaking down each skill set; from passing, catching, groundballs, shooting, dodging, and defensive play. It is the coaches' top priority to teach the correct technique to these young players, so that they will not develop any bad habits. Each practice session will be carefully planned out so that the players are building upon the skills they are learning.


The players will not only be learning and practicing proper techniques on their skill sets, but they will also be learning the basic principles to playing team offense and defense. It will be stressed to them the importance of team play, and that 1 person can’t win a game, that it takes a full team effort. Breaking down team offensive and defensive play is very important for them to learn at a young age, so that as the player progresses they will have a strong Lacrosse IQ. With team offense; we will stress the concept of playing off of each other, keeping their spacing, the proper way to set a pick, and how to attack a defense so that it will result in a good offensive series. On the defensive side, we will teach the concepts of how/when to slide, the correct way to take a defensive approach, and communication within team defense.


All coaches have the same priority, to improve the level of knowledge of the lacrosse game and to develop teamwork as well as sportsmanship amongst young athletes. It's not always about the wins and losses, but did your child's skills and confidence grow? Yes we all want to win, that is part of our competitive culture, if we produce the best skilled lacrosse players than we will post wins. Other programs say they have A Professional lacrosse player, an All- American player, and we do too, but when it comes right down to it, it's about the coaching connection and making the campers better lacrosse players both on and off the field. 


"There is no off-season."