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Cooper City Optimist Soccer



Soccer players of Cooper City Optimist Soccer are required to abide by the code of conduct set out below:


1.     I will support my teammates in a positive manner, and treat my teammates in the same manner I wish to be treated.


2.     I will respect my coaching staff by following team rules and coaching directions, listening when spoken to, and accepting constructive criticism in order to improve my abilities as a soccer player.


3.     My behavior will reflect positively on my team, and the sport of soccer.


4.     I will demonstrate good sportsmanship towards all officials. Any derogatory comments towards officials will not be tolerated.


5.     I will also demonstrate good sportsmanship toward opposing players, coaches, and parents. My behavior toward these parties will reflect positively on my team.


6.     I will approach each training session and game situation with passion, vigor, and effort with the intention of becoming a better soccer player through technical, tactical, physical improvement.


7.     I will be present and on time for all mandatory training sessions and game situations. I will give my coach prior notice if I will be absent or late for any team activity.


8.     I will talk to my coach directly about any difficulties I’m having with practice or games. For example, if I am not playing in games as much as I want, I will ask my coach what I need to do to improve.


9.     I will take proper care of my body when playing by eating a proper diet, staying hydrated, and getting sufficient amounts of rest.

Failure to comply may result in the suspension of your privilege to participate in the Cooper City Optimist Soccer.