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Northeast Elite Basketball Club

Mission Statement

Northeast Elite's goal as a program is a simple one: Teach, teach, teach. We aim to teach kids to play the game the right way. We aim to teach kids how basketball is a direct relation to life. We aim to teach kids that being a great basketball player is nothing without academics.

We only play man to man defense, we run motion offense and we run fewer plays because we ask that our kids know how to make a play. We do not positionalize our players, we ask them to be basketball players. Why do we play man to man defense? Turn on your tv. Watch the college and NBA game. Very few teams are playing zone defense at the highest levels of the game, so why should we? If we are trying to prepare our kids for the college game, they should be learning to play the game the same way they do at that level. Yes, at the younger levels playing zone defense gets results, but it does not develop kids and it does not prepare them for the game as they enter high school or college. Our aim isn't to be the best 6th graders, but to develop kids that become the best 12th graders.

Basketball is life. Overcoming adversity, working hard to get a result, leading and being a part of a group and challenging yourself is all a part of becoming a productive adult. We want kids to face challenges and learn to solve them, we want kids to be handed problems and think about the solutions. We want kids to commit to a game they love and learn to work on their own and within a team to reach the goals they have set for themselves. We want kids to understand that being a great basketball player is a tool to a better life, both academically and athletically.

This wonderful game opens up doors and creates relationships that will last a lifetime and teach lessons that will allow kids to overcome all things.

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