Building Character, Courage and Loyalty Through America's Pastime

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Your Little League is not about winning baseball games. While everyone loves to win, character development is most often learned through adversity. Your league's primary objective is to transcend the game and ensure future success of our youth both on and off the diamond. Your league's mission statement declares: "By developing the qualities of citizenship, discipline, teamwork and physical well-being and espousing the virtues of character, courage and loyalty, the Ken-Caryl Little League is designed to develop superior citizens through athletics and the life lessons presented in the game of baseball".

Athletic excellence is rewarded with a nomination to the All-Star teams; However, your league recognizes, indeed emphasizes, those young athletes who exemplify the qualities of character, courage and loyalty. During the season, each Coach explained the meaning of these three virtues and then asked the players to vote for their teammates who best demonstrated these qualities throughout the year.  Each Coach also nominated a player based on his/her observations of the young player.

The players listed below are the best of Ken-Caryl Little League. We expect these young athletes to excel not just in baseball, but in life. Look for great things from these young people in the coming years.


Congratulations to the 2012 All Ken-Caryl Little League Team
Farm League AA Minor League AAA Minor League Major League
Jacob LaFave - Cardinals
Niguse Shelp - Cardinals
Ashton Colley - Diamondbacks
JT Timmers - Diamondbacks
Riley Briggs - Orioles
Brady Dotson - Orioles
Kyle Novotny - Pirates
Jacob Shoemaker - Pirates
Trenton Doty - Rockies
Ostin Gustafson - Rockies
Eion Gustafson - Rockies
Zach Eigenbrod - Tigers
Ryan Silva - Tigers

Ryan Occhionero - Bulls
Bryson Harper - Bulls
Adam Milano - Muckdogs
eter Bielefeld - Muckdogs
Jack Sargent - Mudcats
Tray Koch - Mudcats
Henry Leclair - Redwings
Brandon Schramm - Redwings
Jake Turner - River Bandits
Garrett Redmond - River Bandits

Thomas Hartman - Grasshoppers
Breck Ferrin - Grasshoppers
Evan Nelson - Ironbirds
Kyle Rachwalski - Ironbirds
Anders Romero - Owlz
Robert Bodman - Owlz
Mitch Klima - Raptors
Damien Hirschfield - Raptors
Logan Butler - Thunder
Ray Holt - Thunder
Zach Ferraco - Volcanes
Eric Rapp - Volcanoes

Chandler Callejo - D-Jaxx
Evan Cushing - D-Jaxx
Zac Valdez - D-Jaxx
Brian Gillen - Rattlers
Alex Occionero - Rattlers
Rory Devin - Redbirds
Grant Larson - Redbirds
Alex Garcia - Storm
Collin Forbes -Storm


Congratulations to the 2013 All Ken-Caryl Little League Team
Farm League AA Minor League AAA Minor League Major League
Nathan Bueher - Angels
Nolan Hartman - Angels
Ethan Hecker - Angels
Zachary Farrell - Express
Ronan Hirschfeld - Express
Levi Kurland - Express
Kaya Musgrave - Express
Michael Nicole - Express
Brandon Sanders - Express
Caleb Shlomer - Express
Nick Sargent - Phillies
Camden Driscoll - Phillies
Dane Driscoll - Phillies
Noah Graves - Rangers
Wesley Marshall - Rangers
Joey Johnson - Rangers
Aiden Jordon - Rockies
Daniel Bailey - Rockies
Braden Ramsieir - Rockies
Ben Bontrager - Tigers
Sawyern Amato - Tigers
Ryan Silva - Tigers
Zach Eigenbrod - Tigers
Carys Vaughn - Yankees
Nolan Low - Yankees
Max Hemsky - Blue Wahoos
Evan Gregory - Blue Wahoos
William Keiley - Blue Wahoos
Trevor Fuller - Hot Rods
Justin Grote - Hot Rods
Landon Kramlich - Hot Rods
Dominic Basile - Hot Rods
Trevor Jenkins - Mudhens
Marquis Jones - Mudhens
Anthony Panchal - Mudhens
Josh Barrett - Orioles
Eagan Cordes- Orioles
Alex Leifheit - Rock Hounds
Pryce Ferrin - Rock Hounds
Grant Foster - Rock Hounds
Keifer Batz - Mudcats
Jack Newton - Mudcats
Brent Cordell - Mudcats 

Will McCall - Bulls
Douglas Sides - Bulls
Clay Dodge - Bulls
Wyatt Beals -Ironpigs
Tristan Gardner - Ironpigs
Cade Rummell - Ironpigs
Max Hertel - Knights
Aaron Tyler - Knights
William Metz - Knights
Devin Finefrock - Muckdogs
Brock Miller - Muckdogs
George Poggemeyer - Muckdogs
Bryce Ringman - Redwings
Jack Esper - Redwings
Blake Lippman - Redwings
Alex Brown - Rivercats
Colton Gregory - Rivercats
Will Guess - Rivercats
Travis Stauffenberg - Sea Dogs
William Bierzychudek -Sea Dogs
Cooper Stack - Thunder
Adam Cooper - Thunder

Joe Dombrowski - Rattlers
Christopher “CJ” Erwin - Rattlers
Brian Gillen - Rattlers
Grant Larson - Rattlers
Jackob Dammen - Scrappers
Nathaniel Newman - Scrappers
Roam Newman - Scrappers
Max Heupel - Storm
Derek Michelsen-Lang - Storm
Blake Vicchy - Storm
Blaine Butt - Volcanoes
Timmy Silva - Volcanoes
Garrett Van Beuge - Volcanoes




Congratulations to the 2014 All Ken-Caryl Little League Team
Farm League AA Minor League AAA Minor League Major League

Parker Hollis - Hot Rods
Landon Faber - Hot Rods
Haedan Morton - Indians
Hendriox Hale - Indians
Alex Beithart - White Sox
Hudson Judy - White Sox
Tommy Dixon - Raptors
Ian Cromwell - Raptors
Casey Rummell - Hooks
Danny Gillis - Hooks
Lawson Stocking - Hooks





Baden Dunn - Orioles
Liam Lawrence - Orioles
Lex Squire - Rangers
Noah Graves - Rangers
Noah Stutler - Red Sox
Carson Sauter - Red Sox
Rhys Gerboth - Cubs
Nathan Nagel - Cubs
Daniel Bailey - Lugnuts
Andre Metz - Lugnuts






Parker Teff - Bees
Jaxon Savajin - Blue Claws
David LaFond - Blue Claws
Alex Miller - Bulls
Austin Hudson - Bulls
George Poggemeyer - Muckdogs
Alec Baca - Muckdogs
Ryan Flanagan - Redwings
Clark Griffith - River Cats
Fletcher Buhl - River Cats
Kaden Entzi - Rockhounds
Marqui Jones - Mudhens
Wes Saul - Hudhens
Collin Maddox - Mudcats
Garrett Redmond - Mudcats



Ryan Osborne - Phoenix
Wyatt Searcey - Phoenix
Sean Phelps - Rattlers
Jake Maliton - Rattlers
Jared Martineau - Scrappers
Will Guess - Scrappers
Rayce Dykstra - Thunder
Tray Koch - Thunder
Devin Finnefrock - Volcanoes
Hayden Byron - Volcanoes